Changing the Perceptions of Evangelism

Changing perceptions of evangelism

"Chris, how do we change the perceptions of personal evangelism in our congregation when our members seem hesitant to talk about their faith?"I've been asked this question many different times over the last three years since I started EvangelismCoach.orgIt is regularly asked by pastors, members of regional governing bodies, and a few church … [Read more...]

The Reciprocal Church


Dr. Kevin Yoho,General Presbyter Newark Presbytery has put together a presentation called The Reciprocal Church.I like what he's done in calling "the church" back into the nieghborhood, using the idea of reciprocity.Does the church give benefit to the community in exchange for the investment that the community makes in the church?Or put … [Read more...]

Evangelism Where You Live – A Review Part III


I’ve been reading Evangelism Where You Live: Engaging Your Community and I think it is a must read book for pastors of churches seeking to engage its community.See Part I of Evangelism Where You Live - A Review Part ISee Part II of Evangelism Where You Live - A Review Part IIThis final section of Chapters 5 - 8 gets into the nuts and … [Read more...]

God’s Plan for Sharing — A Church Vision for Outreach


The North American Mission Board is developing a new evangelism initiative to fulfill their 2020 vision of "Every Believer Sharing, Every Person Hearing.""God's Plan for Sharing" is meant to encourage Christians to prayerfully and thoughtfully engage in the most effective approach for making Christ known.GPS lays out four biblical mileposts … [Read more...]

Webinar Resources — Church Transformation with Ron Crandall

Turnaround and Beyond

Church Transformation View more presentations from Chris Walker. (tags: transformation crandall)Ron Crandall's presentation on Church Transformation.The audio didn't record.Upcoming webinars:HitchHiker's Guide to Evangelism -- March 19, 2009 Evangelism Where you Live -- March 26, 2009 Community Based Evangelism -- March 30, … [Read more...]

2 Attitudes for Small Church Transformation


Of all the various observations that Crandall makes in Turnaround and Beyond: A Hopeful Future for the Small Membership Church about vision casting, effective leadership and managing conflict, there were a few items that really stuck out for me in terms of what successful turnaround and transformational churches have. 1.  A concern for … [Read more...]

5 Phases of Church Renewal

Turnaround and Beyond

As I continued to read through Ron Crandall's book, he gives a list of principles for church renewal and revitalization from the ages of church history.  It may seem like a no-brainer, but at least observations through church history back it up.1.  Personal renewal.Renewal of a church begins with renewal of the individual.  Sometimes that … [Read more...]

Theories of Church Transformation

Turnaround and Beyond

This week and next, you'll be reading about small church transformation, particularly the role of evangelism, based on a study of small churches first done in 1995 and then updated in December of 2008.  These first few posts setup some of the background and are meant to be in small blog-size portions for easy consumption. Church Transformation and … [Read more...]

Small Church Transformation


The first edition of Turnaround and Beyond: A Hopeful Future for the Small Membership Church was released in 1995 and was re-released and updated in December 2008.In the study Ron sought to explore strategies that enabled struggling and often run down small churches to experience lasting turnaround."Turnaround" has gone by various terms in … [Read more...]

Turnaround and Beyond Webinar Feb 26th with Ron Crandall


"How can skillful pastors who long for the resurrection power of God to be manifest in their churches learn to patiently guide a congregation through all the necessary stages of change involved in a turn around?"Ron Crandall - Turnaround Churches and BeyondParticularly, what role does evangelism play in turning around a small church?In … [Read more...]