Faith Story Number 4: The So What Story

One challenge to shortening a personal testimony is to get at this core question:

What difference has Jesus made in your life?

This is the “So what” story that is unique and personal to you.

Faith Story Number 4 in the series Four Stories Every Christian must known

It is easier to see an example than it is to describe.

Check out this video (shared here as well)

More than one So What Story

What difference has Jesus made in your life?

This question is not only applicable for the moment of your conversion.

Even if you grew up in church and always knew that you were a follower of Christ, there are examples of transformation in your life.

The So What story also applies to the ongoing work of the Jesus in your life by the Holy Spirit.

For example, I have been a follower of Jesus since 1985.

I was a 15 year old teenager that didn’t have a lot of life experience.  I grew up in a healthy household with parents who loved me.

There have been marvelous works of transformation in my life.

  • Forgive a severe betrayal when I was in my late 20s
  • A sense of purpose and destiny.
  • Healing damaged emotions for hurtful events.
  • Creation of a healthy marriage.
  • Adventures in living into God’s will for my life.
  • Despair transformed to gratitude and hope.

The So What Story has a simple outline


These stories have a basic before / after outline.

They are snippets that describe

  • Who you were before and who you are now.
  • What life was like before, and what life is like now.
  • What emotions you had before, and how they have been transformed.
  • The wounds you had in the past, and how they have been healed.
  • The addictions you struggled with and how you are experiencing victory now.

Before I met Jesus for the first time, I was searching for unconditional love.

Before I followed Jesus, I had no direction in my life.

Before I allowed Jesus to bring healing to my emotions, I lived in patterns defined by those experiences.

After I met Jesus, I found unconditional love.

After I followed Jesus, I found direction, purpose, and hope.

After I allowed Jesus to touch those wounded places, I experienced a indescribable joy and wholeness and new life.

You see them in the video above and in this video below.  As I watched this video, I was struck by the power of the cross.  Real lives changed by a real Jesus.

Can you reduce your testimony to two sides of a poster board?

Take the “So What” Story a Step further.

The two videos above capture the essence of a “So What” Story on two sides of a piece of cardboard.

What if you could reduce it to two words as in the video below:

What two words would you use to describe your transformation with Jesus?

I’ve experienced this life transformation first hand.

The label that Jesus changed for me:

  • Aimless to Directed
  • No Purpose to Purpose
  • Unable to Love Correctly to Beloved
  • Ignorantly Lost to Gratefully Found.

The So What story also answers this question:

Why is Jesus precious to you?

Jesus may be precious to you because He has forgiven you.

Jesus may be precious to you because He is guiding you in this life.

Jesus may be precious to you because He has healed you.

Jesus is Pastor, Savior, Friend, Healer, Redeemer, Friend, Bread of Life, Lord of All.

What image of Jesus speaks to you most deeply?

I bet there is one image of Jesus that speaks to you more than all the others.

That can help you answer the question that my friend Easum has asked:

What is it about your relationship with Jesus that your friend can’t live without?

What was your “So What Story”?

In the comment field, give a short summary (no more than 10 words) of the label transformation that Jesus worked in your life?

The Faith Story Series:


Of what value to you is your relationship with Jesus?

The more I explore the depths of that value, the meaning of that word, I notice something bubbling from inside of me.

I want to tell somebody.

Start here with this MP3 Download on Evangelism Training from the store ($10) to help you see where you need to grow.

It’s a 80 minute audio file that takes just a few minutes to download, but it may help you answer the question:

What can you do in the next 90 days to grow in your evangelism skills?

A Good Friday Reminder – Jesus Changes Lives

Jesus changes lives.  If you need a fresh reminder, watch this tear jerker video of changed lives via Cardboard Testimonies

One challenge to shortening a personal testimony is to get at this core question:

What difference has Jesus made in your life?

As I watched this video below, I was struck by the power of the cross.  Real lives changed by a real Jesus.

This is what Jesus does.

Jesus transforms a life.

Jesus gives hope.

Jesus redeems the past.

On this Good Friday, remember afresh what the Lord has done for you.  Being a follower of Jesus is not simply agreement to some theological point.  It’s a living relationship with the God who can heal you, save you, and redeem you.

This Good Friday, remember the treasure we have.


A short film clip for an Easter Conversation about faith

How do we share something so big, so wonderful, so life changing as a relationship with Christ with the people around us who associate the festivities of Easter with chicks, chocolate eggs and magic bunnies?

You might want to think about using some short clips that you can find on YouTube.  Choose wisely.

I’d encourage you to think carefully about what videos you share with what person. Take the time to pray for the people you will share videos with and carefully select the appropriate ones for them.  – (HT:

Here is one I really liked and can think of a few friends that might find this a great conversational starter.

Check out for two more useful videos.

Got Church Ushers? A video about Useful Hand Signals

Ever since I first started giving away free church greeter training videos (get your 10 free videos here), people have been asking me for church usher training as well.

In fact, the pastor in the video reports that he had lots of people asking him about specific training for church ushers.

I’ve always turned down the request to develop usher specific material.

  • Some churches have a real formal role for ushers.
  • Other churches are extremely relaxed about ushers.
  • Some churches will have ushers that enforce decorum,
  • Other churches will have ushers only for collecting the offering when needed.

In my current church, we don’t use ushers at all.  But I’ve visited and been part of churches where ushers played a valuable role in the hospitality ministry of the church.

An usher training video

The following video for usher training assumes a certain level of formality in the church.

If your church is not this formal, then some of this may not be helpful.

But I did like the setup of hand signals, that starts about 5 minutes in.

This video addresses

  • When ushers should report for duty.
  • The role of prayer.
  • How to stand
  • Hand signals to communicate
  • Distress signals
  • Hand signals to communicate seating space.

[RSS Feed readers may have to click through to see the video].

The pastor mentions at the end that these signals may not work for you.  You may need to develop others.  But I like the intentionality he displays in training the ushers for his church.

Perhaps your team needs to think through what the specific needs are for training your own ushers and make your own.

Free Videos for Church Greeters

If you want a series of 10 free videos on church greeter training, sign up for them here.  The first video in the series is called “Six Most Dangerous Words.”


Church Greeter Case Study: An Unexpected Visitor

How can you prepare your church greeters for an unexpected visitor with a therapeautic dog?

Rev. Susan and I talk about an experience of the unexpected that occurred during a church visit.

She took a therapeutic dog to church and experienced different kinds of reactions to the presence of a dog.

  • From the pastor
  • From a church elder
  • From members of the church.

Watch this church greeter video case study and then add your comments to the field below.

Listen particularly to Susan’s point around the 4 minute mark about small talk for Church Greeters

How can you prepare your church greeters for a situation like this?

In the comments below, how can you prepare your church greeters for surprise situations?

Share with us your thoughts.

Do you lead your greeter ministry?

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