A short film clip for an Easter Conversation about faith


How do we share something so big, so wonderful, so life changing as a relationship with Christ with the people around us who associate the festivities of Easter with chicks, chocolate eggs and magic bunnies?You might want to think about using some short clips that you can find on YouTube.  Choose wisely.I’d encourage you to think carefully … [Read more...]

Got Church Ushers? A video about Useful Hand Signals


Ever since I first started giving away free church greeter training videos (get your 10 free videos here), people have been asking me for church usher training as well.In fact, the pastor in the video reports that he had lots of people asking him about specific training for church ushers.I've always turned down the request to develop usher … [Read more...]

Church Greeter Case Study: An Unexpected Visitor


How can you prepare your church greeters for an unexpected visitor with a therapeautic dog? Rev. Susan and I talk about an experience of the unexpected that occurred during a church visit. She took a therapeutic dog to church and experienced different kinds of reactions to the presence of a dog.From the pastor From a church elder From … [Read more...]

Video Discussion Starter:Imperfect

Gods Grace Handles our Imperfections

God looks at the inside not the outside.  If you were to use this video as a conversation starter, what additional questions might you use?Check out this video discussion starter and then I'll share some possible ways to use this video:(Feed Readers: You may need to click through to see the video) How I could use this videoShow it … [Read more...]

Video: It will Cost You Everything

Cost of Discipleship

It is unfair of any evangelist to withhold the cost of discipleship.   Following Jesus will cost you everything.This video came across my feed and I found my self really stirred.  This video is an evangelistic call quoting, in part, from the texts of the gospel and the reality of the second coming.It holds back nothing and maps out the cost … [Read more...]

Video: Reducing Life Transformation to Two Words


The power of Jesus to transform a life is dramatized in this short little film from JesusTattoo.orgAs I minister often in developing nations and in first world nations, I encounter many people who believe powerful lies about themselves.That they are:Worthless Useless Weak AddictedFollowing Jesus can bring a change to all of … [Read more...]

A video interpretation of Isaiah 58

Clip from Isaiah 58

I watched this video interpretation of Isaiah 58 today and was impressed with the editing.  It could serve as a call to missions.I also like the use of subtitles.If the video is not displaying in your reader, please click through the post.I love preaching from Isaiah 58.The people had some great religious practices, but they … [Read more...]

Video:Your Sermon Starts in the Parking Lot


Danny Franks, Connections Pastor at The Summit Church in North Carolina, considers the importance of preparing for guests who are visiting your church.  Your sermon starts in the parking lot and he offers 5 principles to effective church hospitality and first impressions.Pastor Danny makes five fantastic points about church hospitality that … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Church Hospitality Etiquette

3 Church Hospitality Tips

This short comical video gave me a good laugh today.You might use it for an upcoming hospitality training on what not to do.Do you lead your greeter ministry? I've written a book for leaders of church greeter ministry.  Click on these links to read more (at Amazon).Church Greeters 101 in Paperback Church Greeters 101 for … [Read more...]

Would my own church welcome my own friend? Did they get the hospitality vision?

Church Visitor Assimilation Training

I am proud of my church.  Take a peek at this short video to see why.  A contact I've been praying for six months finally accepted my invitation to come to church.  Would my own church welcome my friend? … [Read more...]