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One critical aspect of your church’s success in keeping first time church visitors is your hospitality system.  While the practice of hospitality is not evangelism, church hospitality supports the work of helping people connect and belong to your church while they mature in their faith.

Marketing and people invitations get people to the door.

Yet depending on what study you read, up to 70% – 90% of those visitors don’t come back for a second visit.

How can you lower that number for your congregation?

One area to focus on is improving how you welcome first time church visitors into your midst.

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Here is some of my core content so that you can improve your hospitality this weekend.

Good Church Hospitality Practices

Here are 10 compilations of good hospitality practices, as well as ideas that you can implement this weekend.

  1. 10 Practices to Welcome Church Visitors Part 1
  2. 10 Practices to Welcome Church Visitors Part 2
  3. 10 Church Visitor Gift Ideas
  4. 10 Questions about your Church Signs
  5. How to Make Church Visitor Welcome Packets
  6. 6 hints for welcoming visitors to your church.
  7. How to Greet a Spanish Speaking Visitor
  8. Idea: How to Make Announcements visitor Friendly
  9. How to Say the Welcome Greeting at a church
  10. Do a Quarterly Review Of Hospitality Ministries

The Not so Good Church Hospitality Practices

Try to avoid these errors.

  1. 20 Blunders in Welcoming Church visitors
  2. Should we single out First Time Visitors?
  3. How Not to Welcome A Visitor (Secret Dress Code)
  4. 2 Ways to Reject Church Visitors
  5. Do your visitors know where the front door is?

Church Greeters

Here are 8 articles focused specifically on greeters and their role in your hospitality system

  1. 10 Tips for Church Greeters
  2. What to say to A Church Visitor
  3. Idea: Church Greeter at the Taxi Stop
  4. Book Review: Serving as a Church Greeter Les Parrott
  5. How to Personally Recruit New Church Greeters
  6. The Vital Role of Church Greeters
  7. The Overzealous Church Greeter Guy
  8. How to Say the Welcome Greeting at a church

I have compiled some free videos and a specialized download ebook at

Reflections from Personal Experiences

All of us like interesting stories.  I’ve compiled a few of my own.

  1. You were a Church Visitor
  2. First Time Church Visitor Experience
  3. A Very Cold First Time Church Visitor Story
  4. No one said Hello
  5. Guest Article: The View of a First Time Church Visitor
  6. Guest Article: Seeing Your Church through the Eyes of a Visitor
  7. Example of a Good Welcome to a Church Visitor
  8. I can’t silence the pain.
  9. I want to feel Jesus

Chris Thompson, of the Alaska daily news writes Church Visits Review in the Newspaper

Church Hospitality Resources

Book reviews, bible verses, assessment tools,

  1. Christian Hospitality Verses
  2. Church Hospitality Books
  3. Hospitality Assessment — Get a friend to visit.
  4. Church Hospitality Survey Assessment
  5. Book Review: Assimilating Church Visitors: Beyond the First Visit
  6. Book Review: Fusion Visitor Assimilation
  7. Your church hospitality audit helped us see what we were missing

Church Hospitality Series:

Some of these articles I’ve compiled into a series

Principles of Church Hospitality

It’s principles of church hospitality that help you think about particular practices in your areas.  Here are 8 such articles

  1. Welcoming Visitors to Your Church – Miracles disguised as needs.
  2. Church Visitors and Christian Hospitality
  3. Welcome Church Visitors
  4. 10 Most Important Minutes to Church Visitors
  5. My Checklist for Visiting a Church for the First Time
  6. Back to Basics in Church Evangelism
  7. Why is it so hard to be a church visitor?
  8. 5 Barriers to Effective Church Hospitality

After the First Visit

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  1. says

    Re. Barriers to Hospitality. What if the church leaders and/or church staff are the barriers to hospitality?
    Sometimes it seems they are so busy planning and executing programs that they overlook the need to focus on the visitor and their needs. Also I see a lack of reaching out into the community.

    I often see people in the church that want to help with improving hospitality – but either don’t know how or are thwarted in their efforts.

    Any suggestions.

    I’m a former church secretary – 4 churches over the past 20 years. Also my husband and I have moved often – so we have many experiences of being a visitor in a new church and new community.

  2. Thabo says


    I’ve been in the hospitality ministry for a while nd recently started welcoming guests during the service. I am looking for ways to improve my skills and becoming and growing in this ministry, touching and impacting the people of Christ through this ministry. Kind assist with tools (scriptures nd advices) in doing this.

    Thank you

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