What EvangelismCoach does

How can I serve your ministry?   Take advantage of the training that I offer to help your church grow in its impact in the community where you are planted.  

EvangelismCoach.org can provide you ongoing evangelism training in a couple of different ways.

Online Seminar for your team:

Hosting a virtual workshop is cheaper than bringing me to speak live.

See a possible brainstorming list of evangelism training workshops, but many people choose one of these:

The basic idea is that you gather a crowd and I give a 90 minute seminar with your church.

Some churches host the call as a meeting in their building.

  • For: Churches
  • Duration: Up to 90 minutes.

Read more about the private seminar for your church in general, or pick one of the fixed workshops above.

Se habla español si usted quiere escuchar su taller en su propio idioma.

Church Hospitality Coaching

If your hospitality committee or team feels stuck, then perhaps a coaching call with me will help you break through the fog.

  • For: Hospitality team or team leader
  • Duration: A one time call, or a 4 month process is available.

Read more about that call here.

Read here about the church hospitality director training over 4 months

Personal Evangelism Coaching

We all need ongoing evangelism training. Sharing our faith is not something we do naturally for the most part, and it’s easy to let it slide and do nothing about.

  • For: Individuals or Pastors who want to improve their skills in personal evangelism.
  • Duration: A four month process.

Read more about personal evangelism coaching here.

Evangelism and Hospitality Seminars

I will travel to your church or conference location (limited to the Americas and Caribbean).

Read more about my evangelism and hospitality seminars and options here.

Please note: I do not travel to Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia.  That is by choice.  I appreciate the invitations I’ve received over the years, but the limits of my sense of calling are to the Americas and Caribbean.

I make special arrangements with developing nations outside of the US and Canada.

Conferences can be done in English or Spanish.

Se habla español si usted quiere escuchar su seminario en su propio idioma.

Christ Presbyterian Church in Fairfax, Virginia and the National Capital Presbytery were blessed to have Chris Walker as our guest during 2010. Chris both preached at the church I serve and led workshops for our presbytery.

In both aspects of his ministry Chris brings a spiritual integrity.  Attendees at our workshops included both lay and clergy from many theological perspectives and Chris was able to connect with them.

I appreciate the fact that Chris is able to balance the practical and theological aspects of the training he offers.

He has a gift for mingling the theory and practice of hospitality and evangelism in ways that excite and encourage.

Personally, I have been blessed and encouraged by Chris Walker’s personal spiritual presence.  He accepts people where they are and doesn’t make them feel like failures if they aren’t ready to jump in with both feet.

I would commend Chris to anyone who is looking to increase their spiritual strength in the areas of evangelism or hospitality.

Rev. Geoffrey J. McLean, Pastor,
Christ Presbyterian Church
Fairfax, Virginia