Fear Free Personal Evangelism

Don’t you wish that just thinking about doing evangelism didn’t raise the hair on the back of your neck?

Can you overcome that paralyzing fear that keeps you from joyfully sharing what God has done for you?

Does evangelism feel like a dreaded chore that you find easy to avoid, but feel guilty for avoiding it?

Is your church not growing because people are too nervous to share their faith in Christ?

Dream with me for a moment.

What if evangelism

  • wasn’t awkward?
  • didn’t take a whole lot of guts?
  • was as normal as breathing?

What if sharing your faith didn’t make you feel like a Martian?

How would your church grow if you could conquer these fears and confidently talk about your faith?

Fear Free Personal Evangelism

I’ve put together a day long workshop for individuals and pastors who want to be more effective in personal evangelism.

  • How to identify the passionate foundation of your faith that propels you to joyfully share with others.
  • How to recognize spiritually hungry people who want to know more about your faith in Christ.
  • How to recognize the appropriate timing to have a spiritual conversation with another person.
  • How to naturally talk about your own faith experience as if it was normal everyday life.

I want you to have more spiritual conversations than you can count with people who were desperately curious about your faith in Jesus.

Throughout these personal evangelism workshops you will hear an emphasis on various themes, such as

  • the sovereignty of God in evangelism,
  • being filled with the Holy Spirit,
  • trusting the Holy Spirit’s guidance,
  • and having a vital relationship with Christ.

You will hear lots of evangelism training tips and solid theology from a Reformed perspective (I am an ordained Presbyterian Pastor).

You will learn many different ways of non-confrontational evangelism in ways that suit your personality and ways of relational evangelism that fit your style.

You will receive lots practical tips in each and every workshop.

Watch this video clip sample on Why Personal Evangelism is Easy.

Next steps

To start a conversation about having me give this conference for your church or region, simply give me a call at 804-335-1445.  International Callers, please use skype at WalkmanPTY.

I will travel anywhere from Alaska to Chile to encourage churches in personal evangelism.

Now available on CD

If you’d rather listen to the CD audio version, click on the banner here.


  1. Krysia Lear says

    Hi, Chris,

    In lessons 7 and 8 of Listening Evangelism, several methods for presenting the gospel are listed including “FIRE” (from Relay training. Here at Kortright, we’d like to know what it is, but when checked http://www.shareasyougo.com/quick-links, the new home of Relay, it wasn’t to be found.

    Can you describe it or tell me where to find it?

    By the way, our course participants really appreciate the Listening Evangelism training and many feel so much more comfortable about being witnesses.



  2. pat rojas says

    Love your material,what is the greatest event a human wants to avoid????Hell,What is needed the most in this world?A relationship with Jesus Christ.I have started a coaching ministry in Evangelism,please pray for us.

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