Leading Congregational Evangelism Seminar

  • Approx 90% of pastors thought the main purpose of the church was evangelism.
  • Approx 10% of lay people thought the main purpose of the church was evangelism.

This was from a study done several years ago. . . and it reveals one reason there is so much dread over evangelism in the congregation. . .

Pastors are very busy, and on top of that, expected to lead their congregations in evangelism.

If only 10% of the congregation has an evangelistic vision, the pastors are often rolling a heavy stone uphill.

Evangelism has an image problem.  Your members bring such divergent views and prior history that one of the key tasks is to cast a fresh understanding of personal evangelism.

I’ve put together a one day seminar focused on leading congregational evangelism.

Four Modules:

  • What is Personal Evangelism?
  • Personal Evangelism for Pastors – Lead by example.
  • Leading Evangelism Training in the Congregation – Casting that Vision
  • Getting God’s vision for your work in your community. – Engaging the community.

Workshop Runs up to 6 hours in 4 segments.

Participants get handouts and worksheets they can reproduce in the congregation.

I had the privilege of bringing Chris Walker into the Churches of God to present to persons interested in Renewal.Chris’s passion for Christ and the faith was so evident. He shared very practical information with us regarding Evangelism and Hospitality.

Chris is very affordable. In addition,  he provided more assistance in promoting our event than any other of the dozens of speakers I have used.

Chris is the same person behind the scenes as he is up in front of people. The highest compliment that I can pay to Chris is that I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again or to recommend that he be used.

Thanks Chris for a great experience together.

James W. Moss, Sr.

What helped me (notes from participants)

  • The challenge to go out and make relationships with unchurched people.
  • Makes me want to take the time and set the example for the congregation.
  • It’s very instructive and educational. I liked it for my growth as a leader.
  • It’s a good lesson in encouraging evangelism, not a how-to.
  • Information is valuable, presented in an easy to understand method, speaker was ¨down to earth¨ and informed.
  • This training takes away the apprehension of doing personal evangelism. It empowers everyone to evangelize.
  • Great information that all church leaders need to hear, especially if they are looking for that what’s ¨wrong¨ or needed in their church about evangelism.
  • It is biblically based with practical help for evangelizing. It moves beyond methods and techniques to the heart of reaching others for Christ.

Next Steps

To start a conversation about having me give this conference for your church or region, simply give me a call at 804-335-1445.  International Callers, please use skype at WalkmanPTY.

I will travel anywhere from Alaska to Chile to encourage churches in personal evangelism.

If you can’t give me a call now, you may fill out this form and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours usually,


  1. Pastor Madhukar Bylla says

    I am pastor Madhukar from South India now I am in Pastors Conference in New Jersey after the conference I would like to attend the seminar of Evangelisam please let me know.I will be in US till 15th August.Please advice me and I will be wating for your reply

    Thank you
    Pastor Madhukar

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