Free Training

We provide these events for free to encourage the church, and as long as they are sustained by offerings, we can continue to provide them.

All free events are supported by love offerings to our work.

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1.  Evangelism Webinars

Online web seminars, usually 1 hour.

Presentations are transmitted direct to your computer screen and the voice comes over your computer speakers or headset.  You can also call in on a landline or mobile phone.

You will need a computer with high speed internet to see the visuals and submit questions.

See Webinars to get more information as to the next scheduled webinar.

These are only announced in the newsletter and on this website.

If you want a custom webinar for just your evangelism or hospitality team, follow this link to the custom webinar page.

2.  Over 900 free articles

On this website, there are nearly 1,000 articles and resources for free.

You can print them, republish them, share them, and use them for your trainings.

I simply ask that you link to the original source and give credit to

Try these tutorials as your starting point:

3.  Free downloads.

You can look at the free downloads section in the category menu and discover some free downloads you can print.

Look under Resources.

A word about Evangelism Coach resources

This ministry is sustained by love offerings and the purchase of products from the Evangelism Coach store.

I am unable to give away free copies of my product to everyone who asks.

I am not able to sustain this work by doing that.

If you want something from the store, please consider doing your part in funding this ministry and making a purchase.  Proceeds help our mission work and the encouragement to continue creating resources.


  1. Larry V.Jarbah says

    I greatly desire your free evangelism training program for me and my church congregation in order to effectively carry out the Lord’s Great Commission! Thanks! God Bless.

  2. Richard Darko says

    I am based in Ghana and need support in sending the Word of God across to the lost ones. I am setting up a team for this mission at our Prayer Center. We are in need of reading materials and support of any kind. We would gratefully appreciate your support. Thank you so much. Richard.

  3. says

    There are nearly 900 articles for free on this website. I can’t print them out and send them to you.

    You can look at the right side and find “Learn more from EvangelismCoach”

    That would be a great place to start.

  4. JOSIE LAMB says

    i am instresting in taking evangelist classes, i am not sure what’s the problem, but i will take the course. well if not the HolY Ghost will teach me.

  5. adeola says

    This resources is simply amazing. we need more of this to tke the gospel to every corner of the globe. This my life aspiratioon.

  6. Pastor Elisha Udeogu says

    your resourses have been a great help to us whom the lord has called may the good God whom we serve bless you in Jesus name Amen

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