4 Month Team Coaching

Conferences are great to inspire people and bring fresh motivation.

But once the conference is over, how do you actually make the changes inspired by the conference?

In fact, here is how one pastor put it to me in conversation:

“Two years ago, we decided we wanted to be more involved with evangelism.

We began praying and reading, we had a conference . .. .but where do we go next?”

Teams have found it helpful to engage me in a 4 month coaching process, whether they have been to a evangelism conference or not.

Particularly if  you

  • Lack personal experience
  • Feel uncomfortable
  • Don’t know where to start

Going through a 4 month coaching process with me can help you

  • Gain actual experience
  • Grow confident in God’s working
  • Get a system to implement


Your team coaching could be on

  • Personal Evangelism
  • Church Hospitality
  • Any series you want to create.

Sample Topic Schedule on Personal Evangelism that has been done:

  • Evangelism as a Journey
  • Listening for Spiritual Thirst
  • Intentional Conversations without being obnoxious
  • Development of practical skills.

Sample Topic Schedule for Church Hospitality that has been done

  • What systems do you need to look at?
  • What Church Visitors Want
  • Organizing and Training your Teams
  •  Street to Pew Review

What could happen?

Recently, a small group of immigrants planting a suburban church in a rented assembly room did this process with me after hearing me at a conference in May of 2011.

They wanted to share my teaching with their evangelism team, and put steps in to practice.

By November of 2011, they’ve added

  • new members to their church,
  • new members to their small groups, and
  • several have been baptized.

They are well on their way to growing their church.

Now members have seen the impact of the evangelism team and are beginning to ask:

How can I share my faith without fear like you do?

Ready for Results? 

  • Practical. Based on my life experiences teaching evangelism on two continents and in two languages.
  • Biblical – No compromising of Scripture to get butts on benches here.
  • Personal – You’ll work with me to plan and  apply lessons to fit the personality of your church.
  • Affordable – A fraction of the cost of taking your ministry team to a conference or me to speak in person for a few days.
  • Church-Based – You learn right from home and apply each lesson immediately to your church.
  • Step-by-Step Help. – You get some great ideas and focus to apply right away.
  • Gospel-Centered – It’s all about Jesus, proclaiming the glorious good and making disciples.

How it works:

Time: 4 month process, one conference call each month, plus homework in between.  I work with the coordinator between conference calls to discuss growth of your team.

Conference Call: Each month on scheduled days, we will have a 60-90 minute conference call.  Members can be at their own home and must be able to log in via computer to a link that will be provided.  Audio can be managed by telephone dial in, or via your computer sound system.

Homework: Between the sessions with me, your team will have some homework to do.  I will work with the team leader 1-1 between meetings to help you keep your team on track with homework assignments.  Each call will develop additional action steps for you to reflect or act on.

Personal Evangelism Weekly conversations: Participants are expected to have one spiritual conversation each week with a non-believer and debrief it in your journal.  We’ll debrief a few of them in our monthly conference call. This will get easier and more familiar as time goes on as I debrief these with you.


I offer a 4 month teleseminar coaching process for evangelism or church hospitality teams.

The cost is $125 a  month for the 4 months, billed automatically each month through paypal.

If you find after the 2nd month that this is not for you, we’ll cancel the subscription and refund your fees paid.

Next steps:

I’m sure you have some questions.  I invite you to ask me here and I will answer.  Be sure to mention team coaching in the form.

If you’d rather call me, I’m at 804-335-1445 during normal business hours, 9-5, Eastern US Time.

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