Upcoming Speaking Schedule and Prior Teaching History

This list is current as of July 2015 and is subject to change.

I invite you to contact me at 804-335-1445 if I am coming to your area.

Perhaps an additional evangelism training event can be arranged.

At this point, I restrict travel to US, Canada, Caribbean, Latin America and South America.

* indicates the date is likely, but not firm.


Evangelism Training 2015


August 2015

  • August 14, First Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville NC
  • August 15, Jonesboro Presbyterian Church, Sanford NC
  • August 17-19, PRMI August 2015 Board Meeting, Community of the Cross, Black Mountain NC
  • August 26-29, Exousia Level One, Seattle WA

September 2015

  • September 11-13, Evangelism Ignite, Christ Community Church, Montreat NC
  • September 14-21, Growing the Church, Camp Kewiña  – Bolivia
  • September 26, Red Carpet Hospitality Seminar, Central Presbyterian Church, Chambersburg PA

October 2015

  • October 5-7, San Isidro Nicaragua
  • October 22-25, Light of Hope Presbyterian Church, Marietta GA

December 2015

  • December 12-17, Vida Joven Latin America Leaders Camp, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Prior Events


  •  July 6-12, Missions Conference, Community of the Cross, Black Mountain NC
  • June 26-28, Jesus Love Temple, Milford DE
  • April 22-26, Evangelism Dunamis, Community of the Cross, Black Mountain NC
  • April 8-11, Listening Evangelism Dunamis, Guelph, ON, Canada
  • March 27-28, Evangelism Ignite, Woodbury Presbyterian, Orlando FL
  • March 11-13, Growing the Church, La Fuente, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
  • February 27-28, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Richmond VA
  • February 9-13, Personal Evangelism Course, Wesleyan Seminary of Venezuela, Venezuela
  • January 18-25, Dunamis Fellowship and January Board Meeting, Black Mountain NC


  • December 13-21, Young Life Central America Leadership Camp, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • November 12-15, In the Spirit’s Power Dunamis, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • November 5-8, Evangelism Dunamis, Bellingham WA.
  • October 24-26, Personal Evangelism for ordinary people, Philadelphia Presbyterian Church, Mint Hill NC
  • October 20-22 Small Church Conference, Montreat NC
  • October 15-19, Spiritual Warfare Dunamis, Black Mountain NC
  • October 10, Introduction to Spirit Empowered Ministry, Somoto Nicaragua
  • October 8-9, Evangelism in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • October 6-7, Evangelism in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Jinotega Nicaragua
  • September 24-28: Ministry in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Montrose PA
  • September 18-22: Presbytery of Susquehanna, Nineveh New York
  • August 30-Sept 6, Young Life Central America Area Directors, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • August 27th, Hospitality Vision Casting, Bon Air Baptist Church, Richmond VA
  • August 11-13 PRMI Summer Board Meeting, Black Mountain NC
  • August 10, Riceville Presbyterian Church, Riceville NC
  • June 28-30, Hope in Missions Conference, Montreat NC
  • June 17, Riceville Presbyterian Church, Riceville NC
  • June 9-16, Evangelical Presbyterian Church Missions Conference with PRMI, Black Mountain NC
  • May 16-18, Young Life Growth Camp, Young Life Panama
  • May 11 – Preach at Buenas Nuevas, Panama City Panama
  • May 4 – Preach at La Fuente Church, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • May 1-May 3, Equipping Believers for Spiritual Warfare, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
  • April 29-30, Equipping for Spiritual Warfare, Jinotega, Nicaragua
  • April 13 – Buenas Nuevas Panama
  • April 6 – April 11, Discipleship Training School, Isla Margarita, Venezuela
  • March 26, Virtual Seminar, Indianola Church of Christ
  • March 21-24, Missions Weekend, Kent Island United Methodist Church, Chester MD
  • March 19, Virtual Seminar, Alabama
  • March 16, Virtual Seminar, Ladysmith Church of Christ
  • February 22, Evangelism Workshop, Casa de Mi Padre, Panama City Panama
  • February 9, Epicentro, Sabanitas Panama
  • February 1, College Park Church, Oshua Ontario (Online Workshop)
  • February 1, Children Ministry Training, Loma Coba, Panama.
  • January 24-25, Leadership Summit Meetings
  • January 22-24, Dunamis Fellowship Meeting, Black Mountain NC
  • January 19-22, PRMI Board Meeting, Black Mountain NC


  • December 15-20, Young Life Central America’s Training Camp, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • November 9-11 DNA of Church Planting Churches, Colón, Panamá
  • October 21-23, Small Church Conference (Wee Kirk), Montreat NC
  • October 19, Young Life Panama – Healthy Boundaries for Ministry Leaders
  • October 19, First Presbyterian Church, St. Mary’s Georgia (Online Hospitality Seminar)
  • October 3 – 4 Healing Ministry of Jesus, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • September 29 – October 2, Healing Ministry of Jesus Jinotega Nicaragua
  • August 25-31, Young Life Central America Leadership Training, Matagalpa Nicaragua.
  • August 17, St Mark’s United Methodist Loveroad Campus, Hospitality Webinar, El Paso Texas
  • July 29, Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene (Online Hospitality Seminar)
  • July 21, Suffolk VA
  • July 16, Victory Bible Church, Accomack, MD
  • June 15 – Young Life Panama
  • 12 May – Christ Presbyterian Church, Richmond VA
  • 11 May – Mt. Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh PA (Virtual Presentation)
  • 4 May – Baptisms.  No travel.
  • April 26-28, First Evangelical Free Church, Colorado Springs CO
  • April 19-23, Dunamis Conference, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • April 16-18 Ignite Conference, Jinotega Nicaragua
  • April 7, Buenas Nuevas, Panama City Panama
  • March First Weekend, Epicentro Church, Colón, Panama
  • March Buenas Nuevas, Panama City Panama
  • February 17, Valley Presbyterian Church, Mesquite Arizona
  • January 9, Redeemed Assembly, Richmond VA
  • February 16, Person to Person Seminar, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, St. George Utah.
  • February 4, Virtual Webinar, Mt. Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh PA
  • January 27, Bethpage Presbyterian Church, Kannapolis NC
  • January 26 Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church Charlotte NC
  • January 19-27 Dunamis Fellowship Meeting and PRMI Board Meeting, Black Mountain NC


  • December 10-20,  Young Life Training Camp, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • December 8, Island Alliance Church, Kent Island Maryland
  • November 15-16, Ignite, Jinotega, Nicaragua
  • November 14-18, Spiritual Gifts Dunamis, Iglesia La Fuente, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • November 6, Westminister Presbyterian Church, Richmond VA
  • October 6, Jesus is Lord Ministries, Lanham MD
  • September 26, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Richmond VA
  • August 2, Kent Island United Methodist Church, Chester MD
  • July 26, Crestwood Presbyterian Church, Richmond VA
  • July 23, Sonrise Church, Berlin MD
  • May 21, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Richmond VA
  • May 17 Keys to Personal Evangelism, Richmond VA
  • March 29-April 2, Young Life Training, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic
  • March 18-21, Epicentro Church, Colon Panama
  • March 7-11, Evangelism Dunamis, Grand Rapids Michigan
  • February 29-March 5, Healing Dunamis, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • February 19-22, School of Missions, Foursquare Church of Venezuela, Maracay Venezuela
  • February 10-13, Missions Conference, Staten Island Church, New York
  • February 1-3, 2 day seminar on church hospitality, Presbytery of Coastal Carolina
  • January 30, First Wesleyan Church, High Point North Carolina, Hospitality Consultation
  • January 16-20, Children’s Bible Camp, Iglesia Casa de Oracion por todas las naciones, Camitillo Panama.
  • January 8-14, Young Life Evangelism Training, Matagalpa Nicaraga


  • October 19-24, Evangelism Dunamis, Seattle Washington
  • October 3-8, Wesleyan Seminary, Barquismeto VZ
  • September 23, PAAM School of Missions, Panama City Panama
  • August 30-Sept 2:  Evangelism training for area Young directors from Latin America and Caribbean, Matagalpa Nicaragua.
  • August 8-10, Engage Conference, St. Pete Beach, FL
  • July 28 – Personal Faith Sharing – Crestwood Presbyterian Church, West Campus, Richmond VA
  • July 27 – Cornerstone Christian Church, Richmond VA
  • July 25 – Evangelism Strategy, Turn on the Light, Bowie MD
  • July 24, Church in Gaithersburg Maryland
  • July 8-9, National Evangelism Conference, Nashville TN
  • June 19-26, Comunidad de Las Buenas Nuevas, Panama City Panama.
  • May 22, Harmony Bethel Church of God
  • May 21, Iglesia de Sanidad Divinia, Columbia PA.
  • May 21, Leading Congregational Evangelism, School of Evangelism, Church of God General Conference Eastern Region, Enola, PA
  • May 20, Personal Evangelism for Church Planters, AMP Church Planters Conference, Harrisburg PA
  • April 15-18, Young Life / Vida Joven, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic
  • March 30 – April 2, Evangelism Dunamis, Old Greenwich CT
  • March 29, Kairos Clues to Effective Evangelism, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Enfield CT
  • March 27 – Kairos Clues to Effective Evangelism, Christ Presbyterian Church, Springfield MA
  • March 14-18 – Comibam IberoAmerican Missions Congress, Panama
  • March 12 – Evangelism as a Processs, Iglesia Cuadrangular Kairos, Santiago Panama
  • February 11-13, Fear Free Evangelism, Grace Presbyterian Church Lanham MD
  • January 8-16, Vida Joven, Matagalpa, Nicarauga


  • December, Richmond VA
  • October, Missions Night, Madison Presbyterian Church, Madison GA.
  • October, Missions Week, Mt. Oak United Methodist Church, Mitchellville MD
  • October, Improving Your Hospitality, The Gathering, Churches of God General Conference, Findlay OH.
  • October, Personal Evangelism for Pastors, The Gathering, Churches of God General Conference, Findlay OH.
  • October, Evangelism Consultation, Presbyteiran Church, Tazwell Virginia
  • September, Using Spiritual Gifts in Evangelism, Santiago Panama
  • September, Personal Evangelism Webinar, Bethel World Outreach Center, Silver Spring, MD
  • August, Sermon, Clinchfield Presbyterian Church, Marion NC
  • July,  Creating a culture of hospitality, Mebane Presbtyerian Church
  • July, Sermon, Capilla Cristo Redentor, Fayetteville NC.
  • July, Create a Culture of Hospitality, Crestwood Presbtyerian
  • July, Sermon, Iglesia Comunidad Evangelica, Richmond Virginia
  • July, Sermon, Christ Presbyterian, Richmond VA
  • July, Sermon, Royal Oak United Methodist, Royal Oak, MD
  • June, Role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism, Santiago, Panama
  • June, What is Evangelism, Harvest International, Panama City Panama
  • May, Fear Free Evangelism Seminar, National Capital Presbytery, Washington DC
  • May, Leading Congregational Evangelism, Vienna Presbyterian Church, Vienna Virginia
  • May, Fear Free Evangelism – Arliggton VA
  • May, Discovering Your Community Needs, Grace Presbyterian Church, Lanham, MD
  • May, Sermon, Christ Presbyterian Church, Fairfax, Virginia
  • May, Improving Your Hospitality, Christ Presbyterian, Fairfax , Virginia
  • April, Evangelism and Prayer, Vida Abundante, Calidonia, Panama.
  • March, Sermon, Palisades Presbytery, Englewood New Jersey
  • March, Ignite Conference, Palisades Presbytery, Englewood New Jersey
  • March, Grace Presbyterian Church, Mt. Clair, New Jersey
  • February, Maximize the Surrendered Life, Comunidad de Las Buenas Nuevas
  • February, Children’s Bible Camp, Pedregal, Panama.
  • February, El papél de Espíritu Santo en Evaneglismo, Igleisa Comunidad Evangelica, Richmond Virginia
  • January, The Role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism, Vida Abundante, Panama
  • January, Vida Joven Training Camp, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
  • January, Iglesia Baraca, Managua, Nicaragua


  • November 27-December 5, Dunamis Evangelism VideoTaping,  Black mountain NC
  • November, Biblical Theology of Missions, Higuernal, Panama
  • November, Fear Free Evangelism, Charleston SC
  • November, Friendship Chapel, Grand Rapids MI
  • October, Salvation Army Quest School of Leadership, Grand Rapids MI
  • October, Fear Free Evangelism Sampler, Richmond VA
  • October, Evangelism Dunamis, Richmond VA
  • October, Biblical Theology of Missions, Casa de Oración Internacional, Paso Canoas Costa Rica
  • September, International Apostolic Missions Conference, Quebrada Ancha, Colón, Panama
  • September, The work of Tent Making to Support the Great Commission, Panama
  • August, Missions Conference, Casa de Oración, Panama
  • August, The Role Of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism, Casa de Oración Internacional, Paso Canoas Costa Rica
  • August, Guatemalan Presbyterian Church Pastors Conference
  • July, Fear Free Lite Washington DC and Kent Island MD
  • April, Missions Conference, Colon Panama
  • March, Fear Free Evangelism, Presbytery of Coastal Carolina
  • March, Evangelism Dunamis, Black Mountain NC
  • February, Richmond VA
  • January, Black Mountain North Carolina
  • January, Young Life Leadership Training Camp, Nicaragua
  • Various Mission classes on worldview, postmodernism, and personal Evangelism live, or by teleconference.


Dunamis Fellowship

  • December 14, Children’s Ministries Evangelism Training, Las Cumbres Panama
  • November 10-12, PC USA Evangelism Consultation, Stony Point NY
  • November 8, Youth Faith Discovery Night
  • November 8, Fear Free Evangelism, Enfield CT
  • October 23-25 Seattle Evangelism Dunamis Mt. Vernon Washington
  • October 8-12, Alaska Evangelism Dunamis
  • October 3-6, Evangelism Training, Shekinah Church, Barqusimeto VZ
  • September: Presbyterian Transformational Conference , Tampa FL
  • September 9: Church Hosptiality Webinar
  • August 7: Gas on the Fire, Evangelism Motives, Webinar
  • July 23-25, OM Panama
  • Motivation for Evangelism
  • How does the Holy Spirit Do Evangelism
  • Listening Evangelism
  • Cross Cultural Evangelism (Acts 17)
  • Team Training
  • July 23-25, Casa de Luz, Volcan Panama.
  • July 12, The Blessings of Forgiviness, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Richmond VA
  • July 10, Fear Free Evangelism – Westminster Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA
  • July 5- Christ Presbyterian Church, Psalm 51
  • June 23, Phillip, Rockville Presbyterian Church, Charleston SC


  • June 23, El Buen Pastor, Charleston SC
  • May 23, Webinar, Fear Free Evangelism
  • April, Oleo de Gozo, Rio Abajo Panama, How to Share the Gospel
  • April 11, PC USA Multi Cultural Conference, San Antonio TX,  The Story of Eternity Church
  • April 9, Victory Life Fellowship, Richmond
  • April 6, Christ Presbyterian Richmond
  • April 5, Presbytery of the James,  How Presbyterians Do Evangelism
  • March 10, Iglesia Communidad Evangelica, Richmond
  • March 10, Mt. Oak United Methodist, Bowie Maryland.
  • February 25, Vida en Abundancia,  God’s heart for the nations
  • January 28, International Children’s Conference, Developing Leadership Vision
  • January 16 — Dunamis Fellowship, Black Mountain NC, God’s Heart for the Nations


  • December, Vida Joven, Matagalpa Nicaragua
  • December, Nehemiah Center, Managua Nicaragua
  • October, Centro Cristiana Betania, Panama City Panama
  • October,  Branson City MO, Evangelism Dunamis
  • October, Hartford CT, Evangelism Dunamis.
  • April, Traverse City MI, Evangelism Dunamis
  • March,  YWAM Panama, Discipleship Training School


  • September, Evangelism Dunamis, Black Rock Retreat Center, PA
  • April, Evangelism Dunamis, Muskegon Michigan

2005 and Earlier

  • September 2005, Drymouth Evangelism,  Millard Scholars Program, Union Theological Seminary
  • August, 2005, Evangelism Dunamis, Asheboro NC
  • March 2005, Evangelism Dunamis
  • September 2004, Drymouth Evangelism, Millard Scholars program,
  • October 2004, Evangelism 101, Ginter Park Presbyterian Church,
  • December 2004, Drymouth Evangelism, Victory Life Fellowship
  • February 2003,  Let’s Talk About Faith, Presbytery of the James
  • April 28, 2002, Bethesda / Zion Hill churches, Sharing your Faith without Loosing your friends.
  • March 7, 2002, Extra Large Event, Presbytery of the James
  • October 13, 2001, Growing your Church, Eastminster Presbyterian, Richmond,
  • October 2001, Youth Empowerment, Friendship PA, Connecting to Culture
  • May 9, 2001, What is Evangelism, Village Presbyterian Church, Richmond
  • January 10, 2001, Consultation with Tuckahoe Church
  • January 20, 2001, Creating a Culture of Evangelism, Presbytery of James
  • November 13 2000, Williamsburg Dunamis, Entering the World of a Non Believer

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  1. Cathy Jaeger says

    we are developing an Evangelical Committee for our Catholic diocese in Lexington, KY and would like more info on your format and training, specifically one-on-one or home visit evangilism.
    Cathy Jaeger

  2. baluku robert says

    am Robert i all greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ how are you?
    am very happy to meet you and i will like for you to come to Uganda and give our /teach us the word of GOD and we shall be happy if you do it we are 56 Christians in our church.
    So we request your support by supporting our church God well bless you highly we really want your prayers many christian wants to see you let us be under you ministry and we want to work with you through the word of God.
    God bless you we are waiting from you.
    am robert


    I would like to attend a church conference north Carolina u.s.a in the month of November 2014

  4. atemkeng carlet tsaneh says

    I’m a Cameroonian by nationality,and I wish to attend the upcoming seminar in November this year 2014.If I can,then what I my to do about that.


  5. Pastor John Dickson says

    Dear Beloveth,
    Greetings in Jesus Name.
    My name is Pastor John Dickson. I am a Burkinabe from Burkina Faso.
    I interested to attend your upcoming Evangelism Training 2015
    •January 18-25 with my group of leaders.

    Please kindly tell me what is the conditions for participation.
    God bless you.

  6. Evangelist Honour Aboloje says

    Dear Beloved,

    Calvary greetings to you in the name of Jesus.
    Please I want kindly inform you that I will like to participate in your upcoming event in August . Please kindly give me info on how to attend the program. I will be very grateful if my application is been granted and given urgent attention.

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