quote2Webinar is a shortened term for “Web Based Seminar” that is transmitted over the Internet.

High Speed Internet is practically a requirement in order to stay in sync and hear the audio.  Many times, a replay is posted on the website within hours of

Many thanks for the webinar on Prayer Walking.  This is a new concept to me, and I hope to be able to use it at our Presbyterian congregation in Gulfport, Florida.  We are clearly among the “frozen chosen,” but at least starting out with a simple version of this sounds feasible, not too scary, and rewarding. – Nancy Robinson

Thank you for your recent “Greeter’s webinar.” This was the first webinar I have participated and I found it to be an excellent use of my time. Not only was the information outstanding but the notes made it easy to follow and takes notes. I also appreciated how the interaction made it as if I was in the “live” classroom. Thanks for making the training so available and practical. — Gary Jackson, Pastor,Friendship Baptist Church, Cincinnati OH 


  1. Wayne Poates says

    Hey Walkman– So cool to see you tonight. Sorry I needed to slip out. I’d intended to come back …and told Leo so. But I went for healing prayer over at 3rd, to the Healing Rooms ministry. This was my second time…and it is well worth it.

    But so is seeing you! I will be home Sunday, Monday night. You will be back in July. Tell Brenda hello for me!

    Now you have an active Email contact for me…….and no I do not put my face on a book = Facebook.

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