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Maybe you want to improve your church’s hospitality.

Maybe you want to grow in your personal evangelism skills.

Maybe you want practical and implementable steps you can take to grow your church.

Maybe there are too many pages on my website for you to know where to start!

7 Reasons to Sign up for the Evangelismcoach Newsletter

1.  Learn from my mistakes!

I regularly share stories of my evangelism encounters, church visits and lessons I learn along the way to becoming a more effective evangelist.

I want to help your church support it’s evangelism efforts by equipping it with great hospitality ministries.

Thank you very much for the information on Church Hospitality Training. I am a Minister-At-Large who helps churches wherever I’m needed with their evangelism and education ministries. The information you have provided will be invaluable information to share with all the pastors I come in contact with. I have already passed on your contact information to 2 churches and am confident it will prove valuable to them. Blessings. — Hugh Dickenson

2.  Ideas and Inspiration

I love to share ideas to help you with your personal evangelism and hospitality.  You’ll get practical and easily implementable tips, some of which you can do right away!

I’ll send you some of the most popular articles on my website related to church hospitality and personal evangelism.

I’ve read through your ebook, and it has my mind is swirling with ideas. Your ebook is now full of my Pink and Yellow Highlights with all the ideas I could use. You’ve given me some great thoughts about what steps I need to take.  – Joyce

3.  Feature Announcements

You’ll receive announcements about

  • Free online classes
  • Paid online classes
  • Teleseminars
  • Podcasts

Each is geared to help you with a practical skill necessary to grow your church, grow your faith, improve your church’s welcome, and increase the number of baptisms you’ll see.

I prayed for her and visited her the following week. At that meeting we read the bible and at the end she rededicated her life to the Lord!!! – Patricia

After viewing the webinar I was reminded that we need to work on more signage in the narthex to eliminate awkwardness. We need to place emphasis on valuing our role and be excited. We are making progress in improving our communication of church resources to our trainers and guests. The one thing on the 6 ways to detect visitors that was helpful was to watch for someone who seems to be ignored. – Mrs. G Wogoman

4.  Local Seminars Announcements

If you provide your mailing address later, I can send you particular announcements about EvangelismCoach live events in your area.

Thanks Chris for the great teaching and easy manner in which you relate to people and present your material. People were well equipped and encouraged that maybe even “I” could share Jesus. – Bea

5.  Free Downloads

When I release free downloads, you’ll be one of the first to know.  They are often practical tools for you to print out and put to use right away in your ministry.

“We like to say, ‘you put the cookies on the lowest shelf,’ which is to say, you made evangelism accessible to me.”

6.  Links to Resource Pages

Each newsletter will contain practical steps you can take to implement new strategies and ideas.  Many will contain related links to related resources to dig further.

7.  It starts a conversation with you

I love hearing from my readers.  They ask great questions and share great information.  I invite you to respond to questions! Join the growing community of people who comment on newer posts.

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  1. Susan Justham says

    Thanks for the information! I am just starting a volunteer position as Outreach/connection. Team Leader. This was very helpful!

  2. christine Edwards says

    I thank you for those important tips. I was just appointed head of the usher’s ministries in my church and i need help.

  3. Evans Laleye says

    I will like to train in all areas of Evangelism, street/public evangelism incusive..

    In the Lods service,


  4. Charlotte Kimmerly says

    Thank you for your willingness to provide “free” information on the topic of “Hospitality Ministry”. I am looking forward to receiving help in new ideas to entice the people in the area surrounding to come to one of our services, followed up by ways to entice them to come back again.

  5. says

    Thanks Charlotte for sharing your comments. You’ll get a series of emails over the next 10 days to give you some practical thoughts on both church hospitality as well as personal evangelism.


  6. says

    Hey, i’m all fired up about this website,

    I am especially looking forward to receiving evangelism tips for inviting people to our house group, church, as well as everyday evangelism.

    Thanks you again for sharing your years of experiences with us.

    may God be praised

  7. Jeff Taylor says

    Excellent article and some great ideas. I was looking for some better ideas to improve our Visitor Welcoming area and this greatly helped out. I look forward in receiving more tips on inviting and welcoming visitors to our church.

  8. says


    Sorry to see you go.

    I have found your email address in my list and deleted it.

    For future reference, all newsletters contain an unsubscribe link at the bottom for easy self-removal.

  9. Joe Fontanetta says

    Chris, I think it’s great that you keep everyone current and informed and I appreciate your guidance and leadership. Thanks very much.

  10. says


    Your welcome. I started EvangelismCoach as a place to start contributing to the work of evangelism and to get the thoughts out of my head. I have desired to help churches get better at personal evangelism, and receiving those visitors who come as a result of evangelistic efforts and the work of the Spirit of God.

    I hope these weekly updates will keep people moving forward in thinking about their visitors, and thinking about how to share their faith.


  11. DianaCarole Hart says

    I’m excited to receive your weekly newsletter and participate in learning how to evangelize and speak to people in a relevant way and be a trainer for our ministry! <3 <3 <3 BLESSINGS!

  12. says


    I’m glad we got it fixed. In case others are wondering, make sure you have the most recent version of the PDF reader you use. That’ll fix it most of the time.

  13. Kurt Plinke says

    can’t figure out how to subscribe to your newsletter. I guess it is this way. Please include me on your weekly newsletter email list.

  14. Marcia Gretencord says

    I am interested in the free videos you described for greeters. I just purchased your book from Amazon and am looking forward to starting a greeter ministry at my parish.
    Thank you!

  15. Evangelist Santos says

    I find your articles very fascinating and helpful. I am satisfied and fulfilled, thank you and may God continue to lead and direct you in Jesus name, Amen and Amen

  16. Roy Joseph says

    I found that your website is a treasure house of facts and arguments to lay to rest any kind of doubt about the truth of the Gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for compiling these resources and making them available free of cost to all.

  17. says


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  18. charles chimezie says

    Thanks a great deal I was blessed after reading the seven habits of an effective evangelist .

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