Personal Evangelism Resource Collection

As this blog has grown to nearly 700 articles on personal evangelism, congregational evangelism, and church hospitality, I wanted to collect the best of the best on Personal Evangelism.

This resource page on personal evangelism is to help you locate the principal content on the blog.  If you want to get a feel for the personal evangelism that I teach in my seminars, this is a great resource page to get started.

Foundations of Personal Evangelism

  1. Role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism
  2. The Holy Spirit Prepares the Way
  3. How the Holy Spirit Directs Evangelism
  4. Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch
  5. God — The Evangelist
  6. Audio Sermon: Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch
  7. What is Spiritual Thirst?
  8. What does Spiritual Thirst Look Like?
  9. Links in the Chain Video
  10. Links in the Chain of Conversion
  11. The Mystery of Christian Conversion

Faith as a Journey


Cultivating Awareness

  1. Divine Appointments
  2. God is at work — Do you see it?
  3. The Art of Noticing People
  4. For New Christians: 4 tips to start witnessing
  5. Guest Article: Sharing your faith in the ordinary course of life

Conversation Skills

  1. Dot on a Watch
  2. 6 Ways to Mess Up Witnessing to Strangers
  3. Respecting Boundaries in Conversation
  4. Beginning a Conversation about Christ
  5. How to Practice a Gospel Presentation
  6. 7 Tips For More Spiritual Conversations
  7. 13 Questions to Evaluate Your Personal Evangelism

Using Questions in Conversation

  1. 44 Spiritual Conversation Starter Questions
  2. Using Questions In Spiritual Conversations
  3. What is the Question Behind the Question?
  4. 20 Evangelism Questions To Start a conversation
  5. Evangelistic Conversation Starter Questions
  6. 14 Helpful Questions for the Evangelist
  7. 7 Conversational Easter Questions
  8. Evangelistic Questions for Evangelism
  9. 5 Great Spiritual Conversation Questions
  10. What is the best question to ask someone to start a conversation about evangelism?

Personal Evangelism for Pastors

  1. Can Pastors find time for Evangelism? (Video)
  2. 3 Evangelism Tips for Pastors
  3. 4 More Evangelism Tips for Pastors
  4. 5 Evangelism Tips for Pastors


  1. 15 ways to Keep your Evangelism Passion High
  2. Keeping Your Evangelism Passion Hot
  3. Evangelism Oozing from our Pores (on motivations)
  4. Compelled to share?

Personal Testimony

  1. Personal Testimony Questionnaire
  2. The power of testimony
  3. Look for God’s activity (Free download)
  4. Testimony: Share Your Story Now
  5. 8 Steps to Use Your Personal Testimony
  6. Postmodern Evangelism–Find Your Story
  7. How Pastors Lead Congregational Evangelism #2
  8. Evangelism as Storytelling
  9. Your Journey to Faith

Prayer and Evangelism

  1. Take the Risk, Offer to Pray.
  2. Ten Prayer Points For your Friends
  3. Prayer Strategy for Personal Evangelism (MP3 Download)
  4. Prayer and Evangelism

Evangelism Scripts

  1. 7 Habits for Highly Effective Personal Evangelism
  2. Why can some people share their faith so well?
  3. 6 Ways to Mess Up Witnessing to Strangers
  4. 10 practical ways of sharing your faith
  5. How to use a gospel script
  6. You want me to explain the gospel?
  7. Video Illustration of the Bridge Diagram
  8. Discussing the Bridge Illustration
  9. Scripted Evangelism Conversations
  10. The Big Story – Improving the Bridge Illustration
  11. How to Use the Bridge Illustration
  12. How to Practice a Gospel Presentation
  13. Do versus Done
  14. Two Challenges to Fixed Gospel Presentations (Scripts)
  15. Gospel Script: FAITH
  16. Purpose of Evangelism Training
  17. How to Use the Bridge Illustration
  18. You helped me overcome that fear!
  19. Fearless Evangelism is Possible
  20. What is THE BIBLICAL WAY to do evangelism?
  21. Evangelism Training in the Local Church
  22. Using Gospel Scripts
  23. New EvangeCube for Kids – Evangelism Script

A lot of this material is developed in a home study course on personal evangelism. Read more by clicking the banner below.


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