Book Review: Offer Them Life

Dan Dunn

Having read a steady diet of popular church growth books, Dan Dunn's Offer Them Life: A Life-Based Evangelistic Vision is different academic challenge.It is not a book to consume in one sitting, but a great book for those who want to think deeply on the biblical theme of Life.I love Dan's passion for evangelism and it clearly shows through … [Read more...]

Hospitality Ministry Book Review: See You Next Week

See you Next Week

During a recent church visitor assimilation webinar (available now for purchase), we discussed some excellent resources on the assimilation process.  One participant recommended a short book on hospitality ministry that was helpful to them.See You Next Week is a short text crammed full of ideas that could help your church get started in … [Read more...]

Give This Book to Your Spiritually Thirsty Friend

Book Witnessing Tool

One spiritual conversation is just not enough.  The Lord will use many conversations to help bring your friend to Christ.  But sometimes, you'll want something that you can give your spiritually thirsty friend something that they can read and ponder over.Books are good for this.  Invite your friend to read one with you and discuss the chapters … [Read more...]

5 Star Book Reviews for Church Greeter 101

Chris Walker's Church Greeters 101 now available in print

I was recently asked to organize our almost nonexistent hospitality team at church. I was honored to be asked but honestly not sure where to start.I mean you just say hello to people right?!?Who knew there was so much more to what a greeting team actually does!  Thank you so much for this book and the wonderful information and insight it … [Read more...]

Book Review: Living Dangerously, Shawn Anderson


The Great Commission calls each of us to "Go and make disciples."  Your lifestyle plays a part in that process.  Eventually, you'll need to talk about your faith in Christ and share the gospel, but your lifestyle and your character will play a role in your witness.What areas of your character significantly impact another person's journey to … [Read more...]

Book Review: Making Friends for Christ


I've often listened to personal testimony stories that have the following elements:A friend of mine had been praying for me. I had lots of conversations with my friend about their personal faith. I was intrigued by my friends desire to serve the poor with their church I was invited to church. I heard about what Jesus Christ did for … [Read more...]

Book Review: And The Gathered and Scattered Church


Is your church looking to make first steps to re-engage its community?Or are you caught up in the missional vs. attractional discussion?  Google “missional vs. attractional” and you’ll find a slew of blog posts, articles, and books referencing the divide between two ways of doing church.Over the last few years, I've talked with several … [Read more...]

Review: CoffeeHouse Theology


This past summer I got to read CoffeeHouse Theology: Reflecting God in Everyday Life.I even did a webinar (See CoffeeHouse Theology Webinar Replay) with Ed Cyzewski to download the MP3 or view online.Some of Ed’s insights are pretty profound.Is theology important in personal evangelism? What role does theology play in how we do … [Read more...]

Review of Beyond Belief by Patrick McElroy


Beyond Belief by Patrick McElroy is subtitled Live a Consistent, Spiritually Powerful life.From the back cover: “a book about breaking free from a spiritually weak life to achieve the consistently powerful one that is available to every believer.It’s a Bible Study 101 that guides reader to a greater revelation of God.” Summary of Beyond … [Read more...]

Evangelism Book review: Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult


As mentioned in Saturday's post I just finished reading Nick Pollard's Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult: How to Interest People who Aren't Already Interested (order your copy direct from Amazon).The goal of his book is to help you get uninterested people interested in Jesus, to reach people "who are simply not interested in hearing … [Read more...]