Is your church website an open door or barrier to your church?

Church Website Update

Today, Yvon Phren allow me to share her guest post about your church website.Yvon is an excellent writer and shares frequently on church communications - in fact, that is her ministry.I've benefited much from my conversations with her and her regular newsletter provides all sorts of great snippets.  She also runs a membership site that is … [Read more...]

How Can I Persuade My Leaders To Invest in a Church Website? A Discussion Starter

How church visitors use websites

If you are the pastor of a church who needs to persuade your leaders to invest in a good church website, what can you do to make your case? … [Read more...]

More Church Visitor Packet Ideas

How to Welcomrse Church Visito

Church welcome packets are a great marketing tool to put in the hands of your first time visitors, particularly those who stay anonymous.I recently put this question out some of the networks I am a part of: What sorts of things do you put in your visitor welcome packet /folder to give to first time church visitors? Here are some of the … [Read more...]

Does your church website answer questions for potential visitors?

Shoes or Heels - Church website

This question came across my twitter feed (@EvangelismCoach) this past Sunday: "It's 2nd Sunday .. I'm visiting a new church .. Heels or Tennis shoes ? I never know how to dress when I'm a visitor" This brings up the point:Can potential first time church visitors find out the information they need on your church website landing … [Read more...]

Podcast: Press Releases for Churches


Press releases can be free publicity for your church as part of your marketing.Church press releases are remarkably simple to do once you understand some basic points and setup a distribution system for your church press release. How First PC Englewood Uses Press Releases I recently spoke with Richard Hong, pastor of First Presbyterian Church … [Read more...]

Reduce Friction on Your Church Website

Broken Church Website

Can potential first time church visitors find out the information they need on your church website landing page?What do you think are some of the most common questions of your website visitor?Here is what I think (though I don't have data to prove it):Where is the church? What does the building look like so I can recognize … [Read more...]

Expert Interview — Simple Church Websites that Work

Church Website Failure

Based on what my newsletter subscribers tell me, many of you don't like the look or feel of your church website.They are embarrassing. They are clumsy. They are hard to keep up to date. It was designed 10 years ago in HTML and uses expensive software.What if you could fix thatfor free (do it yourself) or for a small fee and … [Read more...]

Church Websites can be Embarrassing

Church Greeter Training Video

Last week, I spoke with a small suburban church pastor who apologetically murmured how his church website embarrassed him. "I'm sorry you had to see that." He went on to explain how it was setup 10 years ago by a church member who has since moved on and how impossible it is to maintainwith all those HTML tags, menus in different parts of … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Prepare Your Church for Mothers Day


1. Bathroom sniff test. Yes, I’m serious.Ever been blown over by that uniquely powerful smell?You know what I mean.  What’s the first room you clean in your own home when company is coming?I rest my case. Is your church bathroom up to “company standards?”Put some nice de-odorizers in there. 2. Greeters. Remember your first day in … [Read more...]

Flowery Church Language Confuses Church Press Release

Press Release

Do you use press releases to market your church?Churches and other Christian groups often fail to obtain a profile in the local community because they do not know how to create effective press releases.I found this interesting church press release the other day.(Source: Presbyterians focus on ascension and evangelism - link broken).  … [Read more...]