5 Growth Lessons from Planting Two Churches


One question that has come to me is What can a new church plant do to increase it's membership? For the last 12 years, I've been involved in planting two churches.Both churches were aimed immigrants and one of our core values was to "gather the nations to worship Christ."We felt that our call was to reach out to different nationalities … [Read more...]

Tim Keller on How churches reach cities – Lausanne Capetown 2010


Here's a 17+ minute video of Tim Keller talking at Lausanne about how you reach cities byPlanting & renewing churches that are contextual to the city, Establishing citywide gospel movementsBy contextual churches, he speaks of planting a church that fits in your context.   As part of that talk he gave these marks to becoming … [Read more...]

Reaching a Community Via a Coffeehouse

A church coffee shop

The Evangelism Office in the Presbyterian Church USA (which is my tribe) is putting out some videos on churches doing innovative things to reach into their community.Check this one out:I'm impressed with their strategy of Business as Mission, but using their coffeehouse to not only provide job, but a gathering space in the community … [Read more...]

33 Influential Evangelism Books for 2012


Outreach Magazine compiled a list of 33 influential books in the March 2012 edition."Whether you are aspiring to evangelize more effectively, exploring the nuances of 'missional' in your life and your church, looking for a great small group curriculum, or just wanting to expand your ministry knowledge in general, we want to help you find the … [Read more...]

Evangelism Strategies Podcast and Webinar Replay

Webinar for Churches

In this complimentary Evangelismcoach webinar, I’ll share with you 3 major areas of evangelism training for your congregation to help you develop your evangelism strategy for 2012.Among other things you’ll lean:3 areas of focus for congregational evangelism to start your planning 6 different evangelism styles to match the right program … [Read more...]

Do the Work of the Evangelist


This past week, I gave a workshop at the National Evangelism Workshop in Nashville TN.Ed Stetzer presented some material from Transformational Church: Creating a New Scorecard for Congregations as well as reflections from 2 Timothy 4 that pumped us up: Do the work of an evangelist - 2 Timothy 4:5 1. Evangelism is Action - Do Evangelism is an … [Read more...]

Person of Peace Webinar Podcast with Gary Rohrmayer


I’ve coached enough pastors and done enough seminars to know that one challenge that many of you face is finding it easy to talk about your faith in Christ.How do you find someone who is spiritually thirsty? How can you help someone on the next step of their spiritual journey towards Christ?I’ve asked author Gary Rohrmayer to give us a … [Read more...]

3 Part Webinar with Gary Rohrmayer

Webinar for Churches

By popular demand, I've been asked to make all three webinars with Gary Rohrmayer available. Books Mentioned:Conspiracy of Kindness: A Unique Approach to Sharing the Love of Jesus The Externally Focused Quest: Becoming the Best Church for the Community Spiritual Conversations (Gary's Book)Videos Replay via Vimeo Part 1: … [Read more...]

In the US, More churches are starting instead of closing

The Christian Post released a new article about the state of church planting in the United States (Source): After decades of net decline, more U.S. churches are being started each year than are being closed.The credit largely goes to the recent increase in enthusiasm for church planting. Stetzer, who leads LifeWay Research, says church … [Read more...]

A pastor listens to the community


Pastor Guiermo has listened to the needs of his community.These needs form the social outreach part of his ministry to help their new church plant serve and connect with its neighbors.He's spent time listening to the needs of the new incoming residents in a part of the area undergoing new construction.He's spent time listening to the … [Read more...]