Are Church Welcome Packets a good idea?


The fall ministry season is approaching in the US.Perhaps it's time to review the materials in your church welcome folder.If you do not have a visitor packet ready, you are missing out a great opportunity to help newcomers find their way into your church family.You can check out this list of 15 things to put in your folder, as well as … [Read more...]

10 Church Visitor Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Church Visitors

The wow factor can play a role in helping a church visitor come back for a second visit. ┬áThat is one of the first steps to church visitor assimilation.Sharing a small gift as a token of appreciation after a first visit can be a way to stand out and demonstrate extra care.What are some gift ideas you can use?In today's guest post from … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Make Church Visitor Welcome Packets

Church Visitor Welcome Packet

Many churches choose to use a Church Welcome packet as a way of quickly communicating news and programming information to first time church visitors.The First Time Visitor packet can be used to sharethe breadth of your church's ministry programming, as well as include perhaps a little thank you gift. Simple next steps towards making … [Read more...]