Why your small church should have a reception after your service

Church Visitor Reception

I was an associate pastor in a small church.  We had to carefully manage every dime received through the offering plate.During lean seasons, we had to question every expense in the budget.Sometimes we'd question the value of spending money on coffee and snacks after the morning service.  Our pastor prided himself on his thrifty Scottish … [Read more...]

This belongs in your church’s DNA

Epicentro Colon

What do you want your church visitors to think when they experience your church?You're crazy. God is in your midst.Last night, I taught in a church that is planting two more churches here in 2013.This is a young congregation, under 4 years old, already raising money and training leaders for future church plants.I asked them the … [Read more...]

Your Turn: How to Identify Church Visitors in a Large Church

How To Spot a Church visitor

Recently, a reader submitted a question via Ask Evangelismcoach. What are some ideas for identifying visitors?We are a 2500 member church and many of us don't know the difference between a visitor and someone who is a member who we just have never met?I have heard of using name tags, colored coffee cups(ugh!), asking visitors to stand … [Read more...]

Church Visit Case Study: A Christmas Eve Experience


In 2012, our family was once again out of town for Christmas, visiting family.For the last 5 years, we have not had a Christmas Eve service in our own church, but near where my parents reside.We've had a few rough first time Christmas Eve church visits, but this year was different.Through a friend's recommendation (itself a … [Read more...]

Your Turn: What to say to latecomers to church

How to Greet Latecomers to Church

Recently, I was asked the following question via Ask The EvangelismCoach.I've posted this to the community Facebook Page, but wanted to give you all a chance to help pitch in.  I hope to do this on a more regular basis. Ask EvangelismCoach Question from Ed: "How do we greet late comers?Do we need to mention that worship service has … [Read more...]

Quick Survey to Evaluate Your Church Guest Services

This was originally posted at Group's Church Volunteer CentralOn a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being “This needs definite work”… 5 being “We rock at this”) rate your churches greeting and guest services practices:Our traffic volunteers or shuttle drivers have been coached to know that they are the first representatives of our church and as such … [Read more...]

How to keep church visitors coming back after Christmas


Most churches experience an influx of church visitors at Christmas time.Some are out of town guests. Other church visitors seek out the Christmas traditions of their youth. Others are awakening to their spiritual thirst.Churches have special activities that are geared at increasing the number of personal invitations that members … [Read more...]

Update your Church Website for Your Christmas Visitors

Church Website Update

Many people check out a church's website or Facebook page prior to visiting your church at Christmas.If you are having special events at Christmas to attract new church visitors, ask yourself these questions while at your church website:What time is your Christmas Eve Service? What should I expect on Christmas Eve? Is there childcare … [Read more...]

Reduce Friction on Your Church Website

Broken Church Website

Can potential first time church visitors find out the information they need on your church website landing page?What do you think are some of the most common questions of your website visitor?Here is what I think (though I don't have data to prove it):Where is the church? What does the building look like so I can recognize … [Read more...]

Guest Article: Seeing Your Church through the Eyes of a Church Visitor


Today's guest article about being a church visitor comes from Fran, who is currently visiting churches after many years with one church of one brand.Here are her observations after visiting.  Reposted with permission. … [Read more...]