Webinar: Step up! First Steps to Running or Restarting Your Welcome Ministries

Church Hospitality Training WebinarIf you are a new leader in your church’s hospitality or welcome ministry, register for this online class to help you get started in preparing for the upcoming season of welcome.

If you

  • Were recently appointed as leader of your hospitality ministry
  • Want to reorganize a stale welcome ministry
  • Re-launch your hospitality ministry for the next season of growth.

you may not know where to begin.

Where do you begin?

If you are just getting started, you are likely feeling a little overwhelmed with where to begin.

It feels like staring into the fog.  Let me help you get the fog out and help develop an action plan to help you get unstuck.

Sign up for Step up!: First Steps to Running or Restarting Your Welcome Ministries, an online class with other leaders who are in a similar position.

I’ve helped other hospitality ministry leaders breakthrough that log-jam of inaction and set them moving forward again. They felt like they were staring into the fog and not seeing much of anything clearly.

You’ll get your creativity going as you think of ways to move forward with your hospitality ministry.

The cost is an investment in retaining new families in your church membership.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  • The Two Best Measurements of Effective Hospitality
  • The Master Word that will Help You Find and Remove Hidden Faults
  • 7 Areas to Form Your Action Plan


  • Actions-help-about-iconDuration: 1 hour and a 30 minutes.
  • Instant Access to the recording from the class recorded on July 24, 2014
  • It is a narrated PowerPoint presentation.
  • No travel necessary.
  • Price: $39 USD.

Who is this class for?

  • If you are the new leader of your church hospitality committee and not sure how or where to start
  • Did you inherit a stale welcome ministry and need to re-launch it?
  • Perhaps you’ve been appointed as the new director who oversees the hospitality ministry of your church.
  • Does your hospitality ministry feel stuck?
  • Or maybe your hospitality committee is not quite sure where to start?
  • Or perhaps you are rotating off your committee leadership soon and need to train your replacement.

What will you receive?

  • Instant Access to download the video (MP4 for Windows Player and Quicktime).
  • Copies of MP3 audio to download
  • Copies of the slides as a PDF.
  • The optional handout that accompanies the teaching, along with links to further resources.
  • Permission to use this recording and resources in your congregation.


  • This class has a registration fee of $39.00 USD per person.
  • Payable on-line via PayPal OR Credit Card via the order button below.
  • I will not see payment information.
  • You’ll receive a reminder emails with the access codes as time grows closer.
  • You’ll receive your receipt by email which should contain the entrance link that will be unique to you.

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Who is Chris Walker?

Evangelism Trainer Chris WalkerChris has given Evangelism Training seminars around the US and 9 Countries in Latin America. He is fittingly known as the Evangelism Coach because of his extensive work with churches in the US and Latin America in the areas of evangelism and church growth. Chris is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

His website has over 1000 articles on personal evangelism, congregational evangelism, and hospitality, as well as a podcast feed, all for free.

Ready for Results?

  • Practical. Based on my life experiences teaching evangelism and church hospitality on two continents and in two languages.
  • Biblical – No compromising of Scripture to get butts on benches here.
  • Personal – You’ll work with me to plan and  apply lessons to fit the personality of your church.
  • Affordable – A fraction of the cost of taking your ministry team to a conference or me to speak in person for a few days.
  • Step-by-Step Help. – You get some great ideas and focus to apply right away.
  • Gospel-Centered – It’s all about Jesus, proclaiming the glorious good and making disciples.

Frequent Webinar Questions

Q. What if I’ve been leading the hospitality ministry for a few years?
You may find that this class will spur some creativity or give you different angle to look at things.

I won’t simply say “be nice to people” or “tell your greeters to say this phrase”  but teach hospitality leaders how to identify shortcomings in their own context and think through ways to fix them.

The get started steps will focus on helping provide a framework for action over the next six months or so.

Questions before the live class?

Q.  What happens if I register and then miss the class?

You’ll be given access to the replay, typically within 24-48 hours of the webinar.

Q.  What if the audio is really awful?

Sometimes, there are problems with bandwidth.  If the audio is really awful, I will re-record the webinar in a studio and make the re-recording available for replay.  I did that with the last church greeter training webinar.

Audio quality can vary based on your audio software/hardware manufacturer as well as your operating system. When using VoIP, the following best practices are recommended:

  • For optimum sound quality, a headset is recommended, preferably a USB headset for ease of use.
  • If a headset is not available, a microphone and speakers are required, preferably a USB microphone for ease of use.
  • If using a microphone, it should be a distance of at least 1.5 feet away from any speakers that are built into or connected to your PC.
  • The use of a Webcam microphone is not recommended.
  • The use of a integrated laptop microphone with laptop speakers is not recommended.
  • Ear buds or earphones and use of the integrated laptop microphone is a workable solution.

Q.  Will I hear pitches for products and services?

You will not hear me sell anything during the webinar.    There is nothing more to buy.  You are buying access to a class and the registration fee helps me cover the cost of the technology.

Q.  Why do I need to pay the fee?

People value what they pay for.  I want people who are motivated to learn and will apply what they learn.  Free webinars are great when I am selling a product or service, where I can recoup the cost the webinar.

What others have said about Chris Walker’s Teaching

  • -Inspirational, re-awakening.
  • Do not be afraid! Evangelism is not scary – or need not be. It can be a friendly conversation.
  • “Attend one. ” You will no longer fear, ridicule or avoid evangelism.
  • More people really want to know Jesus and how to help others reach Him.
  • Good. Well worth it.
  • The seminar was awesome.
  • You will lose your misconceptions about evangelism.
  • Go with an open heart and mind and you will leave fulfilled.
  • You’ll learn to listen better.
  • An inspiring motivational speaker with a message for all.
  • Just do it – You will find that the skills are within, this encourages you to put them to use.
  • The seminar helps you feel more comfortable about evangelism.
  • Tools to share one’s faith with others to help them.
  • Your Church Hospitality Webinar Inspired Creativity

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Do you have other questions?

Please use the form below to ask me other questions that you may have.  I’ll reply as well in the comment field.

20 Church Hospitality Goofs and How You Can Avoid Them

You know that churches make all sorts of hospitality mistakes.   You’ve probably experienced a few church hospitality errors  first hand.

Over the last few months, I’ve compiled this list of 20 complaints shared on Twitter.

Read them and cringe. [Read more…]

Duties of Church Hospitality Committee or Team

A common question I receive is

What are some duties of the church hospitality team or committee?

I’ve put together a list of potential hospitality duties for your committee.

Your team might want to consider these as focus areas as you work on your church hospitality program.

Areas of focus or duties that  a church hospitaliity team or welcome committee might cover

Your team members are the face of the Body of Christ to those God sends your way.

Your task is to help your guests feel the love of God by truly welcoming them into God’s house through friendly and authentically gracious service.

Not all churches will cover all areas of their church hospitality program with their team, but this list of functions of a church hospitality team might give you a framework to think on

General Duties of Church Hospitality Team

  • Oversee the working of all hospitality program and visitor care ministries.
  • Coordinate the activities that involve hospitality and care ministries.
  • Be alert to the needs of the church membership and ways to serve those needs.
  • Develop a mission and vision statement for your team, if that will help guide your ministry.

Area: The Welcome Experience for Church Visitors

Area: Help returning church visitors find ways to connect

  • Take care of repeat visitors
  • Develop processes for using the contact information
  • Implement system for contact after the first visit
  • Track visitors who make multiple visits
  • Audit your visitor to regular attender process to find out ways to make it better.
  • Care for new members
  • Work with pastoral leadership to develop a follow up gathering (e.g., meet the pastor).
  • Find ways to help your visitors to make new friends.

Area: Welcome Functions at Special Church Event

  • All areas of ministry requiring use of the church kitchen (Setup, serve, clean up)
  • Catering and Reception for installation of new pastors or great farewell of departing pastors
  • Prepare refreshments for church socials
  • Keep track of all supplies necessary for such events
  • Develop and maintain a written log of food quantities per number of people to develop a reasonable awareness of how much food is needed for functions
  • Train volunteers in the proper use of kitchen machinery (think food sanitation, cleanliness, health department issues etc).
  • Provide hospitality arrangements for visiting pastors, missionaries, and special invited guests

Area: Member Care

Some hospitality committees may include other areas of member care:

  • Arrange for meals for church families when needed (birth of baby, baby shower, death of loved one, health crisis).
  • Light house cleaning for shut-in members or elderly members who need assistance.
  • Transportation assistance for members who can’t drive themselves to appointments.
  • Gifts for Pastor / Staff appreciation days or Christmas.

I’ve seen several more church hospitality duty checklists that go far beyond this kind of general overview. They are specific to each individual church and the level of detail that each church wants. They get into item detail such as

  • Who orders the paper products and other supplies.
  • How to work with custodial staff in partnership with the Hospitality Team.
  • Who reports to who to keep people informed.
  • Processes for reimbursement and check writing duties.
  • Who’s in charge of cleaning up, locking up and other sorts of checklists.
  • How to schedule use of certain rooms and coordinate volunteers for those rooms.

What areas might you add?

Let me ask you this.

In the comment field below, answer this question:

What additional areas or duties might you suggest for the hospitality team?

I’ve gathered a bunch of articles for the hospitality committee here if you want further reading.


Does Your Hospitality Team need a little help?

Does Your Hospitality Team Need HelpDoes your hospitality program seem stuck on ideas?

Are you the newly appointed volunteer of the committee or to address your church’s hospitality ministry?

Do you know where you want to start improving your church hospitality, or do you feel there just too much information out there to know how to begin?

I offer church hospitality coaching for your hospitality director.  It follows a six week structure to help you get your committee and hospitality program going forward.

Read more about the Get Started Program for Church Hospitality Leaders  here.

What does a church hospitality committee do?

Here as 2012 ends and we step into 2013, a common question appearing in my search results deals with

What does the church hospitality committee do?

Define the goal

What does the church hospitality committee do?  Check this listI’ve spoken with several committees over the last few years in my coaching phone calls about their church hospitality program.

A common thread in these conversations is

Where do we start with our church hospitality program?

You don’t want to re-create the wheel.

You do not want to lose focus as your hospitality committee gets going, either for the first time, or the first time in a long time.

In my reasoning, the purpose of the hospitality committee in church is

to take responsibility for welcome and receiving
of your church visitors coming for the first time,
as well as your current church members.

I’ve seen other churches include the following under their hospitality committee:

  • Assimilation processes
  • New Member Classes
  • Church Database Maintenance
  • Special Event Hospitality for events like funerals, weddings, receptions, etc.

This may make your committee’s work too big.

You’ll need to decide the scope of the committee, but these are general areas.

For my purposes, I usually recommend the following area of committee responsibilities:

  • Marketing: focus on webpage and social networking areas, plus promotional pieces like mailing cards, flyers, programming publicity.  The goal: drive visitor attendance to the church.
  • Hospitality Team: focus on the welcome and hospitality experience of your visitors and members.  Goal: create a great impression and remove unnecessary barriers to a repeat visit.
  • Follow up Team: focus on regularly returning church visitors to step into your membership or connection processes. Goal: help a newcomer become a regular participant in congregational life.

Areas of work for the church hospitality committee:

On the assumption that the church hospitality committee focuses on the welcome and hospitality experience, the team should be involved in developing the working parts of the hospitality ministry.

Where does the new church hospitality committee start?

If you are starting a new church hospitality committee, or restarting one that has been neglected, the most common question is

Where do we start?

I have coached several church hospitality teams that are in this same arena.

You can start in any of the above areas or pick one of these areas:

  • Develop your greeters
  • Determine your connection process
  • Do an audit of your facilities for adequate signage and lighting
  • Start an after service reception
  • Develop a welcome packet for church visitors
  • Determine how you get church visitor contact information.
  • Read books such as the one on this site: How to Welcome Church Visitors

Next steps I can help with

I offer several items to help you with developing your church hospitality committee

Start with this tutorial on church hospitality.

Over at the EvangelismCoach.org store, I have several products for immediate download or on DVD that you might find helpful:

  • How to Welcome Church Visitors (ebook)
  • Cast the Vision for Hospitality (Download MP3)
  • Church Hospitality Review (Download MP3)
  • Break the Barriers DVD set (4 DVD set aimed at helping you identify and remove barriers).
  • You may want to do a coaching appointment with me.

More Greeter Training Resources

I have a simple training package of six phone calls with you as the leader of your church hospitality program.

It’s called the “Get Started Coaching Program for Hospitality Leaders.”

If you

  • Were recently appointed as leader of your hospitality ministry
  • Want to reorganize a stale welcome ministry
  • Relaunch your hospitality ministry for the next season of growth.

then click here to consider this hospitality coaching program.

Let me ask you this?

What are the primary areas of focus for your church hospitality committee?

10 Roles an Evangelism Committee Can Have in The Church

Why does your evangelism committee exist at your church?

Is it just another meeting?

Does it really fulfill the role of helping the church do the work of evangelism?

Recently I’ve been asked to comment on the role of an evangelism committee or evangelism ministry in the local church.  What are the functions of a church evangelism committee?

I want to give you ten roles that an evangelism committee can play in a healthy congregation.


10 Roles of a Church Evangelism Committee.  A committee should be doers and leaders

The committee should be both doers of personal evangelism as well as leaders of congregational evangelism.

Some churches will overlap these roles with their hospitality committee, outreach committee, marketing team, or new member committees, so these role silos are not precise but general guidelines.

What is the job of an evangelism committee at church?

Items #6,7, and 8 may be separated to the church hospitality committee.

1. Do the work of evangelism

Each evangelism committee member should be doing the work of personal evangelism.

  • Praying for the lost.
  • Building authentic relationship with lost people.
  • Actively sharing faith with those who don’t know Christ.

You can lead where you haven’t been yourself, so make sure you are on the leading curve of personal evangelism in your church.

2.  Provide Ongoing Evangelism Training

Many church members are afraid of evangelism and find themselves wanting to invite people to church and let the professional do it.

One way around this is to provide regular personal evangelism training in different areas such as:

You might want to run short courses via small groups, sermon series, or even virtual classes with an outsider like me.

3.  Run a course or group that investigates Christianity

Evangelism Committee Meeting Table

There are many great resources in the market place to help you run a seeker oriented group.

You might run courses that allow people to investigate Christianity and allow a safe place for people to ask their questions.

The Alpha course is one example of such a study, or you can do a topical study aimed at life skills which helps a person see the relevancy of the Christian life.

4.  Lead and organize outreach programs

If you are familiar with servant evangelism activities such as

  • handing out water to joggers on warm days,
  • handing out cookies or ice cream at a grocery store,
  • handing out candy at parks,
  • providing batteries to local residents for changing their smoke detectors, etc

your team would need to lead and organize such events.

You might also lead some invitational programs like

  • Bring a Friend Day
  • Concerts
  • Block Parties
  • Appreciation Banquets for community servants (teachers, police, fire and rescue)
  • Preaching Evangelists

As you prepare for these events, remind people to look for conversational opportunities to talk about their faith.

5. Carry the banner for reaching the lost

As other ministries of the church plan their events and activities, members of the evangelism committee always raise the banner of reaching those who don’t know Christ.

They ask questions like:

  • How does this help people know Jesus?
  • How does this help us share our faith?
  • What steps can your group take to reach lost people?
  • Can we make this event more public and increase invitations?
  • Would we feel safe inviting our friends to this retreat or small group?
  • Are we meeting too much and not out in the community?

6.  Oversee the hospitality ministries for first time guests

Some churches recognize the role that church hospitality plays in the faith journey of their guests.   The church can play a role in

  • creating community
  • allowing space for faith discover
  • ministering to a person during journey to Christ.

Churches cannot increase their influence towards salvation if a person doesn’t come back a second time.  Hospitality practices aid in getting multiple visits.

Focus on developing greeters and a great guest experience.

Make sure your volunteers can access training to improve their hospitality skills as well as conversational skills.

7. Welcome center and guest gifts

If your church has a welcome center, this committee will make sure it’s staffed and that visitor appreciation gifts are given out.

Make sure gifts are appropriate for the season and/or the sermon series.

8.  Develop your system of next steps

Evangelism committees are interested in helping a newcomer connect with the church.

After their first visit, what is the next step to building relationships?

Many churches will plan

  • post church service reception
  • contact steps after the first visit
  • a ‘meet the pastor’ social
  • new membership classes
  • other discipleship connections

One potential role of the evangelism committee is to organize and manage this process.

9.  Develop community outreach events

Evangelism committees should always be thinking about how the church can reach its community.

Churches are not a fortress, but are the people of God on the mission of God.

Evangelism committees brainstorm ways the church can bless its community and ask the question “How can we be the best church for the neighborhood?”

You might do that through organized prayer walks, prayer stations, and prayer booths.

You might do the community exegesis of visiting with local officials to learn about the community.

You might do the visitation of local non-profits that are serving in various needs to learn more about what the church might be able to do.

Evangelism committees would lead the research and project development and empower volunteers to rise up and serve.


10.  Marketing.

Your community needs to know your church exists.  Focus on areas like

  • New Movers marketing
  • Website
  • Facebook Page for your Church
  • Pastor’s Blog

Effective low cost marketing will assist your normal word of mouth efforts to increase the number of first time visitors to your church.

Want ongoing ideas delivered?

Each week, I send out new articles that might help your evangelism committee grow your church through personal evangelism, church invitations, and leading your congregation in evangelistic outreach.  You’ll usually find a gem that you can use each week  in or at least every other week.  Join our community and share your thoughts.

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