Duties of Church Hospitality Committee or Team


A common question I've begun to receive is What are some duties of the church hospitality team or committee? I've put together a list of potential hospitality duties or areas of focus that your team might want to consider as you work on your church hospitality program.Your team members are the face of the Body of Christ to those God sends … [Read more...]

What does a church hospitality committee do?

Evangelism Committee Meeting Table

Here as 2012 ends and we step into 2013, a common question appearing in my search results deals with What does the church hospitality committee do? Define the goal I've spoken with several committees over the last few years in my coaching phone calls about their church hospitality program.A common thread in these conversations is Where do … [Read more...]

10 Roles an Evangelism Committee Can Have in The Church

Gospel witnessing Conversation

Why does your evangelism committee exist at your church?Is it just another meeting?Does it really fulfill the role of helping the church do the work of evangelism?Recently I've been asked to comment on the role of an evangelism committee or evangelism ministry in the local church.  What are the functions of a church evangelism … [Read more...]

Personal Evangelism Substitute #2: Hospitality


Today is part two of a series on four substitutes for Evangelism.This may sound funny coming from me, because I write so much on this topic (and even sell two ebooks).  But as I've consulted with churches, I run into this substitute regularly. #2: Church Hospitality Ministry. In many churches, we have substituted evangelism for the nicety of … [Read more...]

Is Your Church’s Hospitality Ministry stuck?


Are you starting a church hospitality ministry, or wondering how to start a hospitality ministry in church?Is your church hospitality program stuck?A few weeks ago, a church setup a Church Hospitality Coaching Session.The pastor organized one of their leadership committees that were taking on some new areas of responsibility, … [Read more...]

Conference Appreciation

Pastor Evangelism Training in the church

I have spent the last 12 days on the road, giving evangelism conferences in North Carolina.The joy of teaching this material live is watching people grab hold of the ideathat they can do evangelism in their ordinary life.that they don't have to be brave.Many people come to our conferences with apprehension about evangelism -- … [Read more...]

Starting a New Evangelism Committee?


A reader recently submitted submitted a question via Ask Evangelism Coach section. Recently my church has formed an evangelism outreach group. The group consists of two members and myself. I am leading the evangelism ministry but am new to this and although my drive and desire is strong...I'm not sure where to begin or how to "train." I've done a … [Read more...]

21 Hospitality Bible Verses

Bible Verses on Hospitality

The Bible has some examples of hospitality, both positive and negative.Review these on your own and glean your own insight on biblical hospitality.It will affect your church welcome practices.Perhaps your small groups or your church hospitality committee could review these scriptures and discuss the impact they may have on improving … [Read more...]

First Impressions: Survey First Time Visitors (More)

Evangelism Surveys

Last month, I posted an entry on Surveying 1st Time Church Visitors to help improve your church's welcoming.I contacted each church mentioned and discovered the effect of such an online first time visitor survey was a zero.One church visitor survey was a broken link.The second church visitor survey for first time visitors was removed … [Read more...]

Survey Your First Time Visitors?

Evangelism Surveys

I found this interesting article on line about surveying first time visitors (Link broken) who visit your church for the first time.The basic premise is put a survey form on your church's website, ask first time visitors to go there and rate/comment on the service.The article goes on to comment about such a survey and why it might be a … [Read more...]