The Sinners Prayer for the Person with a Christian Background

Evangelistic Prayer

Fourteen months ago, my friend and I first got acquainted.  We have spent much time together during those 14 months getting to know one another.When I first mentioned that I was a follower of Christ, the defensive wall went up.   He didn't want to talk about spiritual things.But as I continue to mention Christ my ordinary conversations, he … [Read more...]

How I Handle “Jesus was a Good Teacher”


I have a friend who doesn't believe in having a personal relationship God, but does believe that Jesus was a good teacher.My friend, like many people who are not followers of Jesus, hold this view:Jesus was a good teacher. His principles are worth following. He taught was other religions taught. He was a wise leader whose teachings … [Read more...]

Do you need to refresh your devotional life?


Does your devotional life seem a little dull and routine?  Want to spark a fire for a new round of momentum to keep up your spiritual disciplines? … [Read more...]

What happens when Francis Chan encounters some Jehovah Witnesses?


Working in the yard,  some Jehovah Witnesses come by to share some literature.  Pastor and author Francis Chan tells a good story about what happened next: Watch and see what happens:Key Evangelism Values on Display:A proper heart attitude towards people who don't know Christ. Willing to be interrupted to talk with people. Knows … [Read more...]

30 Days of Prayer: Day 20 – Spiritual Thirst and Good Works


I volunteered the other day and I had lunch with another volunteer. As we talked about my mother's recent death, she startled me with the following question. I've always wondered, how do religious people deal with death? She wasn't opposed to religion. She didn't have a defined set of beliefs of her own.Spiritual Conversations occur at … [Read more...]

7 Detours in Evangelistic Conversation

Detours to Evangelistic Conversations

In a recent Outreach Magazine article (Nov/Dec 2012), Larry Osborne put together a list of 7 detours in evangelism conversations.Detours are those conversational rabbit trails that are deflect significant evangelistic conversation elsewhere, rather than at the true spiritual need of others.We often step into those rabbit trails, thinking … [Read more...]

Appropriate Silence in Personal Witnessing

Torpedo Conversation

I've got a few friends who have always been hostile to talking about faith.Their level of spiritual thirst has been low.  In fact, it's downright hostile.We remain friends, but talking about Jesus provokes emotional hostility or an evasive awkward silence.Other times, they attempt to change the subject.When I try to open up … [Read more...]

How to get more faith sharing conversations during your week


Recently, I've been coaching church teams on personal evangelism over a 4 month time frame.Their goal is to increase the number of faith sharing conversations they have throughout the week. Here is a little test that comes out from coaching:If you were to look back at the last 7 days, how many times did you get to share something about … [Read more...]

Christmas Party Icebreaker to Start Spiritual Conversations

Christmas Party Icebreaker

Here is a sample Christmas Party icebreaker and conversational guide that is similar to the one found on page 38 of Christmas Party Games from Creative Youth Ideas.You can use this icebreaker as a Christmas party game for adults, for youth, and for kids.You can probably find this party game for Christmas everywhere on the Internet but what … [Read more...]

Creative Youth Group Game Ideas for Christmas

Ceative Youth Ideas Christmas Collection

Since Christmas is coming soon, our church is in the swing of planning our Christmas outreaches.  Your church might be in the planning stages as wellSmall Groups or Life Groups having Christmas parties for their fellowship Members having Christmas parties for their neighbors as their outreach Youth Groups having Christmas social outings or … [Read more...]