Do versus Done

Do Vs Done Gospel Script, clipped from video

The "Do vs Done" Gospel Evangelism Script is one of those scripts that is very well known and has a long history."Do versus Done" is very simple gospel presentation to think through, and gets at one aspect of the gospel message.However, "Do versus Done" is so common that actually finding the evangelism script on the Internet was difficult. … [Read more...]

The Big Story – Improving the Bridge Illustration


James Choung has written a few books on explaining the Christian Faith. On of the issues that he tackles is updating or improving the Bridge Illustration.  The whole article is here at The Big Story | Tell It Slant . “Choung’s ‘napkin theology’ and its ‘four-worlds’ diagram promise to be for evangelism in the twenty-first century what the ‘Four … [Read more...]

New EvangeCube for Kids – Evangelism Script


There are a variety of scripts that one can use to help you explain the gospel in simple and clear terms.  That is one of the 3 core evangelism skills I focus on.Each script has its critics and endorsers and it's not our point here to argue or debate it.Last month, I wrote an article about gospel scripts.   The main point is that you should … [Read more...]

6 Different Gospel Presentations for Personal Evangelism


Pick any blog on evangelism, and one will encounter an attempt to summarize the gospel.What points must one share? What happens if I forget a point? Can I mess it up?On one hand, it's great to be concerned about messing up. We always want to be prepared to explain our faith, and get better at it as we mature in Christ.On the other … [Read more...]

Two Challenges to Fixed Gospel Presentations (Scripts)

Scripted Evangelism

This evening I read a post about evangelism scripts at this blog.The main gist of the entry is of an encounter between an evangelist with a script and the author being the one evangelized.The evangelism script in the discussion came from Evangelism Explosion, a tool that has been highly useful in the past and one that can be still useful … [Read more...]