Church Hospitality Ministry is not Evangelism!

Hospitality is not evangelism

Does your church hospitality committee call itself something like:Evangelism Committee Evangelism and Outreach Committee Witness Committee?I've encountered several church committees with similar descriptions like this: (Evangelism) Ministry Team is responsible for greeting visitors to our church.Visitors  receive a visit from a … [Read more...]

Video: Dr. Michael Green examines What is the gospel

Dr Michael Green Evangelism and the Early Church

Michael Green has had a tremendous influence on my ministry through his books that I read while in seminary.Michael gave the first talk at a recent confidence in the gospel event.  If you have 18 spare minutes, listen to his challenge to us to be faithful to the Apostolic Gospel.Michael Green provides the keynote address exploring the … [Read more...]

What is Evangelism? A Definition Discussion

Questions to Submit to Evangelismcoach

Year ago, I was standing in the lunch line at the seminary cafeteria.  A classmate and I were discussing themes in our evangelism class when a fellow student from another class interrupted: "Are you talking about the E-word?" In our class, we were talking about evangelism and its connections to American Imperialism." Huh?Another time, in the … [Read more...]

What is Evangelism? Group Discussion Guide

Evangelism Training Meeting

Last week, I met with a leadership team for the first time to help them brainstorm new ways to grow in evangelism.  I led them in a group discussion on evangelism.Since this was my first discussion with them, I wanted to get a feel for their experiences and their pre-conceptions about What is evangelism? The outgrowth will be future … [Read more...]

Personal Evangelism Substitute #2: Hospitality


Today is part two of a series on four substitutes for Evangelism.This may sound funny coming from me, because I write so much on this topic (and even sell two ebooks).  But as I've consulted with churches, I run into this substitute regularly. #2: Church Hospitality Ministry. In many churches, we have substituted evangelism for the nicety of … [Read more...]

Evangelism Substitutes: Which one does your church commit?

Small Group Evangelism

Since many people are afraid of personal evangelism, many church leaders have allowed other programming to replace the work of personal evangelism and called it evangelism.As I do seminars across the country, heads nod in agreement as I lay this out.  You might see your own church in here.This week, I will do a series on four substitutes … [Read more...]

Evangelism Where You Live – A Review Part III


I’ve been reading Evangelism Where You Live: Engaging Your Community and I think it is a must read book for pastors of churches seeking to engage its community.See Part I of Evangelism Where You Live - A Review Part ISee Part II of Evangelism Where You Live - A Review Part IIThis final section of Chapters 5 - 8 gets into the nuts and … [Read more...]

Is Neighborhood Outreach Evangelism?


In the course of my consulting and speaking at evangelism training workshops, I've encountered many churches that have very active outreach and community service programs:After school tutoring Shut in or Prisoner Visitation Habitat for Humanity work projects Medical outreaches for the community Participating in Crop Walks for Hunger … [Read more...]

How to define Evangelism

What is the definition of Evangelism.

During the 18 months that EvangelismCoach has been up and running, I've written several articles on the definition of evangelism.   Every now and then, it's helpful to bring something out of the archives and bring it back in front of new readers.Here is a link summary for you:Definition of Evangelism - A Summary What is Evangelism — Part … [Read more...]

Wrestling with the Definition of Evangelism


I wrote the following essay to a friend while I was traveling to a friend's funeral two years ago.  It covers several points around what is evangelism.Is evangelism more than four points and a prayer?I've edited it slightly for time references and removed some personal matters, but thought I'd share this here.  I invite your … [Read more...]