Book Review: Offer Them Life

Dan Dunn

Having read a steady diet of popular church growth books, Dan Dunn's Offer Them Life: A Life-Based Evangelistic Vision is different academic challenge.It is not a book to consume in one sitting, but a great book for those who want to think deeply on the biblical theme of Life.I love Dan's passion for evangelism and it clearly shows through … [Read more...]

Why your small church should have a reception after your service

Church Visitor Reception

I was an associate pastor in a small church.  We had to carefully manage every dime received through the offering plate.During lean seasons, we had to question every expense in the budget.Sometimes we'd question the value of spending money on coffee and snacks after the morning service.  Our pastor prided himself on his thrifty Scottish … [Read more...]

Stuff I’m Reading for Inspiration, January 17 2014

Friday Finds Magnifying Glass

Every now and then, I spend some time reading other thinkers and Christian bloggers that make me think, react, or comment.  These are some of my favorites this week. Arminianism Didn’t Save Me! Me Neither I had no clue about Arminianism when I was born again.  I had no clue about John Calvin or Martin Luther when the Lord was pleased to save me.  … [Read more...]

The Sinners Prayer for the Person with a Christian Background

Evangelistic Prayer

Fourteen months ago, my friend and I first got acquainted.  We have spent much time together during those 14 months getting to know one another.When I first mentioned that I was a follower of Christ, the defensive wall went up.   He didn't want to talk about spiritual things.But as I continue to mention Christ my ordinary conversations, he … [Read more...]

Book Review: The 7 Principles of an Evangelistic Life


I am a big advocate of evangelism as a lifestyle.When I read the book the Acts, I see how evangelism played out in the life of the apostles and early believers.  They spent time with people. They shared their faith, and the "Lord added daily" to their numbers.How can a believer experience a lifestyle where evangelism occurs in the ordinary … [Read more...]

The Best of EvangelismCoach: 2013 Edition


Looking back over the past year, some particular blog posts rose to the top for 2013.Please consider sharing this post, or some of these with other believers in your network. The Evangelism Tips1.  A Comparison of Multiple Evangelism MethodsIs it possible that one type of evangelism more effectively utilizes and maximizes the talents … [Read more...]

6 Christmas Strategies to Grow Your Church


I've been the first time visitor to churches during the Christmas season.  I have been the first time visitor to a Christmas Eve service where I didn't ever want to go back.  On the other hand, I visited a church on Christmas Eve and was so impressed I wanted to invite friend the following week.What will your first time visitors decide this … [Read more...]

Do you need to refresh your devotional life?


Does your devotional life seem a little dull and routine?  Want to spark a fire for a new round of momentum to keep up your spiritual disciplines? … [Read more...]

Book Review: Living Dangerously, Shawn Anderson


The Great Commission calls each of us to "Go and make disciples."  Your lifestyle plays a part in that process.  Eventually, you'll need to talk about your faith in Christ and share the gospel, but your lifestyle and your character will play a role in your witness.What areas of your character significantly impact another person's journey to … [Read more...]

Is Evangelism a Spiritual Gift?

Sharing faith 1-1

It's not unusual for me to hear people talk about evangelism as a spiritual gift.  I've done so myself.Because I love to teach on personal evangelism and help others to share their faith, people sometimes say that I have the gift of evangelism.  Barna released some research saying, "Among the interesting facets of the research was that just 1% … [Read more...]