5 Possible Desired Outcomes of Door to Door Visitation


Perhaps your church is thinking about a door to door evangelism outreach.Some churches excel at it.  Other churches want to get better, and still others want to avoid any kind of door to door visitation.If you are considering a door to door evangelism campaign, the premier question I would ask you is What is your desired outcome?1.  … [Read more...]

Bill Hybels on Do vs Done and Three R Script


A friend of mine sent this to me:Do vs. Done Three Rs  (Not about ritual, rules, religion)This is a quick snippet fromJust Walk Across the Room Video Curriculum, Bill Hybels Becoming a Contagious Christian (Video Curriculum Kit), Bill Hybels … [Read more...]

Book Review: Done – What most religions don’t tell you about the Bible

Done Cary Schmidt

Cary Schmidt has written a useful introduction to the gospel:Done.: What most religions don't tell you about the Bible.Its chapters cover the basic gospel script of Do Vs. Done as the framework for a simple explanation of the gospel that allows someone who is considering Christianity to examine the biblical evidence and reasoning of a … [Read more...]

10 Practical Evangelism Tips for Pastors


I get to talk alot with pastors at conferences I give or attend, and often on the telephone as well about some of their challenges with personal evangelism.As mentioned in the last post, this is what I hear from pastors about their personal evangelism“I don’t have time for personal evangelism.” “I’m not good at doing this evangelism … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Christian Conversion


I’ve been thinking a lot this week about my non-Christian friend who received news that they have terminal cancer.I long for them to know the riches of Christ, but today, this has me thinking about the act of conversion in response to a gospel presentation.I find myself thinking:If I present one form of gospel scripts, If they … [Read more...]

Talk about Jesus without Freaking Out


What is the gospel? An ex-Christian friend of mine turned to me and said“Chris, what is the gospel?”Excitement bubbled up within me.  I’m an evangelist and this conversation was near and dear to my heart.  However, I got too excited.The end result was confusing half thoughts, and verbal commas: “bluh, bluh, um, uh, it’s ah, hum”My … [Read more...]

How to Use the Bridge Illustration


The next series of posts will look at a few of the scripts I have used.My default setting is the Bridge Illustration.The Bridge Illustration is the one that I use the most often.When I was a youth pastor, reviewed with my teenagers at least once every three months.No one left our youth group without knowing this script inside and … [Read more...]

Another Church Business Card Evangelism Idea


I have a friend who gave me his personal business card.On the back, however, was a brief little gospel script.This might be a useful idea for a person to give away, and makes for a little conversational piece.  Of course, the script is not complete.  It doesn't explain everything that is contained in the gospel, but not a single script … [Read more...]

Wrestling with the Definition of Evangelism


I wrote the following essay to a friend while I was traveling to a friend's funeral two years ago.  It covers several points around what is evangelism.Is evangelism more than four points and a prayer?I've edited it slightly for time references and removed some personal matters, but thought I'd share this here.  I invite your … [Read more...]