Book Review: Offer Them Life

Dan Dunn

Having read a steady diet of popular church growth books, Dan Dunn's Offer Them Life: A Life-Based Evangelistic Vision is different academic challenge.It is not a book to consume in one sitting, but a great book for those who want to think deeply on the biblical theme of Life.I love Dan's passion for evangelism and it clearly shows through … [Read more...]

Are you a Genesis 3 Christian?

Young Life Guatemala

I listened to the testimony of an adult woman from Guatemala.  She is 2nd from the left in the image. Her journey to faith brought me to tears, and once again aroused my desire to help other people share the good news of Jesus Christ.  As you read or listen her story, ask yourself this question:  Where would you start with the gospel?  Genesis 3, … [Read more...]

30 Days of Prayer: Day 22 – Tell of His Love

Jesus died for me.

My faith has found a resting place, Not in device nor creed; I trust the Ever-living One, His wounds for me shall plead.I need no other argument, I need no other plea; It is enough that Jesus died, And that He died for me. -- Hymn, My Faith has found a resting place My hope is in the Lord Who gave Himself for me, And paid … [Read more...]

Video: Dr. Michael Green examines What is the gospel

Dr Michael Green Evangelism and the Early Church

Michael Green has had a tremendous influence on my ministry through his books that I read while in seminary.Michael gave the first talk at a recent confidence in the gospel event.  If you have 18 spare minutes, listen to his challenge to us to be faithful to the Apostolic Gospel.Michael Green provides the keynote address exploring the … [Read more...]

Video: Evangelism in the 21st Century by Nicky Gumbel

Unashamed of the Gospel

Nicky Gumbel, developer of the Alpha Course, addresses evangelism in the 21st century in this 13 minute video from the Capetown Congress.He shares his personal testimony about how the process of evangelism worked in his life.Gumbel grew up as an irreligious person.  But after his roommate in university found Jesus, Gumbel set out to … [Read more...]

What is Evangelism? A Definition Discussion

Questions to Submit to Evangelismcoach

Year ago, I was standing in the lunch line at the seminary cafeteria.  A classmate and I were discussing themes in our evangelism class when a fellow student from another class interrupted: "Are you talking about the E-word?" In our class, we were talking about evangelism and its connections to American Imperialism." Huh?Another time, in the … [Read more...]

Is it ever too soon to share the gospel?

Rush EvangelismConversations

When I talk with some other evangelism trainers, we often encounter the question How soon do we need to share the gospel with some one? Because we believe in the radical importance of a person's salvation, we want them to know now.But we don't want to be a stubborn jerk or obnoxiously repulsive evangelist.We want to have some kind of … [Read more...]

Do I Need to Know My Spiritual Gifts before I do Evangelism?

Video about best evangelism course

Note: I'm in Black Mountain NC this week, doing some video taping on personal evangelism training, so this week will have some guest articles.Today's Guest Article is from Jeffrey Johnson, author of Got Style? Personality Based Evangelism, who recently did a blog book tour (see related links at the end).See my review of Got Style at … [Read more...]

Book Review: Evangelism in the New Testament

Street Preaching in Volcan

"Offenses ought to be pardoned, for few offend willingly, but only as led by some excitement" -- Hegesippus, 300 BC. When a book on evangelism methodology starts with a quote about pardoning offences, I wonder why the author feels the need to start there with his reader.I finished reading Evangelism in the New testament after writing a … [Read more...]

You want me to explain the gospel?


Imagine the scenario:You and a non-Christian friend are sitting in a Starbucks, talking about life, drinking a cup of coffee.In a relaxed and safe manner, the talk naturally turns to your faith in Christ.She looks at you and asks with complete sincerity: “What is the gospel?” How would you answer?How would you explain the … [Read more...]