Church Greeter Training

Are you involved in training church greeters? Are you the head of the Greeter Ministry? Then this collection of articles will help you with church greeter training. Please share and forward to your team. It's all free.
I've written a book for leaders of church greeter ministry. Click to read more (at Amazon).
Church Greeters 101 in Paperback

10 Free Church Greeter Training Videos


I've updated the free church greeter training videos for 2014. Some of the videos I first recorded in 2009 on then current technology look awful by today's standards.I've added new ones as well. By signing up specifically for this list, I'll send you 10 videos for training church greeters. They are free and will come to you by email every 3 … [Read more...]

Hospitality Ministry Book Review: See You Next Week

See you Next Week

During a recent church visitor assimilation webinar (available now for purchase), we discussed some excellent resources on the assimilation process.  One participant recommended a short book on hospitality ministry that was helpful to them.See You Next Week is a short text crammed full of ideas that could help your church get started in … [Read more...]

When Church Greeters Object: I don’t know who the visitors are

Signs of a Church Visitor

If you are involved in recruiting and training of church greeters, you will likely run into a church greeter who says But I don't know who the first time visitors are!!!! They may use that to avoid answering your call to recruit them for a given Sunday or given rotation on your schedule.  It is offered as an excuse that really is meant to say "I … [Read more...]

A Church Greeter Prayer for Holiness

Without holiness no one sees the Lord

A holy life will make the deepest impression. Lighthouses blow no horns, they just shine."It is a great deal better to live a holy life than to talk about it. We are told to let our light shine, and if it does we won’t need to tell anybody it does. The light will be its own witness. Lighthouses don’t ring bells and fire cannon to call attention … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Church Greeters #1

A Church Greeter Prayer

Over the next several weeks, I'll put out a few prayers for church greeters.You are free to print, share, forward by email any of these church greeter prayers in this new series with your greeter team. A Prayer for Church Greeters Jesus,You are the Good Shepherd.  You are kind.  You welcome those who seek you with a kindness and … [Read more...]

What is inside Church Greeters 101?

Chris Walker's Church Greeters 101 now available in print

Church greeter ministry is a vital part of welcoming visitors to your church.Sadly, this ministry gets neglected, overlooked, or relegated to auto-pilot, ending up with church leaders begging for unmotivated volunteers who fill a space.Church Greeters 101 leads you forward in starting or relaunching the greeter ministry of your church, … [Read more...]

Video Discussion Starter for Church Greeters


Videos can make for great discussion starters at your gatherings for hospitality workers or church greeters.Use as a discussion starter for your next church greeter training or hospitality training meeting.I enjoyed the humor and the painfully true characterizations.Potential discussion questions / points :What are some better … [Read more...]

Church Greeters 101 Available Now in Kindle and Paperback

Chris Walker's Church Greeters 101 now available in print announces the release of Church Greeters 101 in both paperback and kindle formats.Author Chris Walker has wanted to help churches:improve their hospitality ministries improve their welcome of guests and members make sure their hospitality ministry is NOT the reason visitors come back see growth because their … [Read more...]

Church Greeters 101 Book Available for Kindle


Beginning June 3, 2013, Church Greeters 101 is available exclusively for the Kindle Format via Amazon.[update June 7, 2013: Also now available in paperback, see links below.]The church greeter ministry is a vital part of welcoming visitors to your church.Sadly, this ministry gets neglected, overlooked, or relegated to auto-pilot, ending … [Read more...]

The Church Greeters were Sabotaged!


I once visited my friend's church in a Chicago suburb.They had all the right church hospitality systems:Professional greeters at the door, Friendly conversation. Staffed information table.These factors helped me feel warmly welcomed as a first time visitor.Sadly, that warm feeling didn't last beyond the lobby.They were … [Read more...]