5 Growth Lessons from Planting Two Churches


One question that has come to me is What can a new church plant do to increase it's membership? For the last 12 years, I've been involved in planting two churches.Both churches were aimed immigrants and one of our core values was to "gather the nations to worship Christ."We felt that our call was to reach out to different nationalities … [Read more...]

Update your Church Website for Your Christmas Visitors

Church Website Update

Many people check out a church's website or Facebook page prior to visiting your church at Christmas.If you are having special events at Christmas to attract new church visitors, ask yourself these questions while at your church website:What time is your Christmas Eve Service? What should I expect on Christmas Eve? Is there childcare … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Church for Christmas Visitors – Hospitality Review

Church Hospitality for Christmas

Christmas is an ideal time to attract people into your churchby hosting Advent activities, reaching out into the community, and making your church more inviting.Don't miss the opportunities to introduce people to Christ this Christmas.As you celebrate and announce the birth of Christ, don't forget to also proclaim the resurrection … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Grow Small Church Numbers

Growing a Small Church

A regular question I get is "How do you grow a small church?"In our current life situation, we are planting a church in the city in which we live.We are currently a small church, made up primarily of immigrants from foreign countries.Approximately35 adults in attendance each week 20 children under age of 14Here are 5 steps we … [Read more...]

Statistics on PC USA Membership Loss 2008

PC USA Membership Statistics

Since the PC USA is where I hold my ordination as pastor, these statistics are of interest to me, and I know that many of the EvangelismCoach.org subscribers are in that same tribe.Source: PC(USA) - Presbyterian News Service - PC(USA) records steepest membership loss since reunion in 1983. Membership in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) fell by … [Read more...]

How Paul Planted the Church in Corinth


This weekend in my devotional time, I spent time pondering how Paul planted a church in a foreign city, particularly Corinth, from Acts 18.I found several parallels to my current church planting work. 1. He connected with the local people When he came to the town, “he met a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, who had recently come from … [Read more...]

The Rabbit and the Elephant Webinar

Rabbit and the Elephant Tony Felicity Dale

This webinar has passed.You can watch the replay and download the podcast here: Rabbit and the Elephant Webinar Replay Here is the resource page: Rabbit and the Elephant Resource Page Here is a book review: Rabbit and the Elephant ReviewGrab our EvangelismCoach newsletter to get future webinar announcements.A movement of house … [Read more...]

Make it easy to Build Relational Connections


As the author, I get to hear various reasons why people buy my book on church hospitality, How to Welcome Church Visitors.Why are church hospitality committees (Read: What do Church Hospitality Committees do?) looking to improve their hospitality ministry in their church by buying my book?Fear that a visitor to their church will come a few … [Read more...]

Beating Dunbars Number


Several years ago, I was challenged as a youth pastor to give my leadership away  -- delegate, delegate, and delegate. The challenger warned me that I could only reach so many people, but if I delegated and empowered, I could lead larger ministries with longer reaches and greater sustainability. The challenger mentioned that my personal limit of … [Read more...]

Evangelism Where You Live – A Review Part III


I’ve been reading Evangelism Where You Live: Engaging Your Community and I think it is a must read book for pastors of churches seeking to engage its community.See Part I of Evangelism Where You Live - A Review Part ISee Part II of Evangelism Where You Live - A Review Part IIThis final section of Chapters 5 - 8 gets into the nuts and … [Read more...]