Webinar: Step up! First Steps to Running or Restarting Your Welcome Ministries

Church Hospitality Training WebinarIf you are a new leader in your church’s hospitality or welcome ministry, register for this online class to help you get started in preparing for the upcoming season of welcome.

If you

  • Were recently appointed as leader of your hospitality ministry
  • Want to reorganize a stale welcome ministry
  • Re-launch your hospitality ministry for the next season of growth.

you may not know where to begin.

Where do you begin?

If you are just getting started, you are likely feeling a little overwhelmed with where to begin.

It feels like staring into the fog.  Let me help you get the fog out and help develop an action plan to help you get unstuck.

Sign up for Step up!: First Steps to Running or Restarting Your Welcome Ministries, an online class with other leaders who are in a similar position.

I’ve helped other hospitality ministry leaders breakthrough that log-jam of inaction and set them moving forward again. They felt like they were staring into the fog and not seeing much of anything clearly.

You’ll get your creativity going as you think of ways to move forward with your hospitality ministry.

The cost is an investment in retaining new families in your church membership.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  • The Two Best Measurements of Effective Hospitality
  • The Master Word that will Help You Find and Remove Hidden Faults
  • 7 Areas to Form Your Action Plan


  • Actions-help-about-iconDuration: 1 hour and a 30 minutes.
  • Instant Access to the recording from the class recorded on July 24, 2014
  • It is a narrated PowerPoint presentation.
  • No travel necessary.
  • Price: $39 USD.

Who is this class for?

  • If you are the new leader of your church hospitality committee and not sure how or where to start
  • Did you inherit a stale welcome ministry and need to re-launch it?
  • Perhaps you’ve been appointed as the new director who oversees the hospitality ministry of your church.
  • Does your hospitality ministry feel stuck?
  • Or maybe your hospitality committee is not quite sure where to start?
  • Or perhaps you are rotating off your committee leadership soon and need to train your replacement.

What will you receive?

  • Instant Access to download the video (MP4 for Windows Player and Quicktime).
  • Copies of MP3 audio to download
  • Copies of the slides as a PDF.
  • The optional handout that accompanies the teaching, along with links to further resources.
  • Permission to use this recording and resources in your congregation.


  • This class has a registration fee of $39.00 USD per person.
  • Payable on-line via PayPal OR Credit Card via the order button below.
  • I will not see payment information.
  • You’ll receive a reminder emails with the access codes as time grows closer.
  • You’ll receive your receipt by email which should contain the entrance link that will be unique to you.

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Who is Chris Walker?

Evangelism Trainer Chris WalkerChris has given Evangelism Training seminars around the US and 9 Countries in Latin America. He is fittingly known as the Evangelism Coach because of his extensive work with churches in the US and Latin America in the areas of evangelism and church growth. Chris is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

His website has over 1000 articles on personal evangelism, congregational evangelism, and hospitality, as well as a podcast feed, all for free.

Ready for Results?

  • Practical. Based on my life experiences teaching evangelism and church hospitality on two continents and in two languages.
  • Biblical – No compromising of Scripture to get butts on benches here.
  • Personal – You’ll work with me to plan and  apply lessons to fit the personality of your church.
  • Affordable – A fraction of the cost of taking your ministry team to a conference or me to speak in person for a few days.
  • Step-by-Step Help. – You get some great ideas and focus to apply right away.
  • Gospel-Centered – It’s all about Jesus, proclaiming the glorious good and making disciples.

Frequent Webinar Questions

Q. What if I’ve been leading the hospitality ministry for a few years?
You may find that this class will spur some creativity or give you different angle to look at things.

I won’t simply say “be nice to people” or “tell your greeters to say this phrase”  but teach hospitality leaders how to identify shortcomings in their own context and think through ways to fix them.

The get started steps will focus on helping provide a framework for action over the next six months or so.

Questions before the live class?

Q.  What happens if I register and then miss the class?

You’ll be given access to the replay, typically within 24-48 hours of the webinar.

Q.  What if the audio is really awful?

Sometimes, there are problems with bandwidth.  If the audio is really awful, I will re-record the webinar in a studio and make the re-recording available for replay.  I did that with the last church greeter training webinar.

Audio quality can vary based on your audio software/hardware manufacturer as well as your operating system. When using VoIP, the following best practices are recommended:

  • For optimum sound quality, a headset is recommended, preferably a USB headset for ease of use.
  • If a headset is not available, a microphone and speakers are required, preferably a USB microphone for ease of use.
  • If using a microphone, it should be a distance of at least 1.5 feet away from any speakers that are built into or connected to your PC.
  • The use of a Webcam microphone is not recommended.
  • The use of a integrated laptop microphone with laptop speakers is not recommended.
  • Ear buds or earphones and use of the integrated laptop microphone is a workable solution.

Q.  Will I hear pitches for products and services?

You will not hear me sell anything during the webinar.    There is nothing more to buy.  You are buying access to a class and the registration fee helps me cover the cost of the technology.

Q.  Why do I need to pay the fee?

People value what they pay for.  I want people who are motivated to learn and will apply what they learn.  Free webinars are great when I am selling a product or service, where I can recoup the cost the webinar.

What others have said about Chris Walker’s Teaching

  • -Inspirational, re-awakening.
  • Do not be afraid! Evangelism is not scary – or need not be. It can be a friendly conversation.
  • “Attend one. ” You will no longer fear, ridicule or avoid evangelism.
  • More people really want to know Jesus and how to help others reach Him.
  • Good. Well worth it.
  • The seminar was awesome.
  • You will lose your misconceptions about evangelism.
  • Go with an open heart and mind and you will leave fulfilled.
  • You’ll learn to listen better.
  • An inspiring motivational speaker with a message for all.
  • Just do it – You will find that the skills are within, this encourages you to put them to use.
  • The seminar helps you feel more comfortable about evangelism.
  • Tools to share one’s faith with others to help them.
  • Your Church Hospitality Webinar Inspired Creativity

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Do you have other questions?

Please use the form below to ask me other questions that you may have.  I’ll reply as well in the comment field.

20 Church Hospitality Goofs and How You Can Avoid Them

You know that churches make all sorts of hospitality mistakes.   You’ve probably experienced a few church hospitality errors  first hand.

Over the last few months, I’ve compiled this list of 20 complaints shared on Twitter.

Read them and cringe. [Read more…]

How often should we serve coffee? – Reader Question

VisitorCoffeeI love answering reader questions.

I usually get to answer right away, and sometimes they are such great questions that I want to share them with you all, with permission

I thank you so much for giving me ideas on how to improve my hospitality department.

I am in a small church and the hospitality department its only 6 of us.

Is it ok to have the refreshments two Sundays a month or every Sunday after service.

Please advise.

Why bother with coffee?

I teach that your small church should have a small reception after a morning service.

Larger churches may already have this built into the their structure, but I keep encountering smaller churches that wrestle with this question, mostly because they don’t get many visitors, or they have budget considerations.

How often does your church have visitors?

Every Sunday?

Then I’d recommend every Sunday.

The outreach idea behind this reception is to create a context where your church visitors can get to know you.


They may not stay for the reception, but you’ve at least made it available.

Ministry with visitors can happen, such as leading a visitor into a relationship with Christ (read about it), or allowing the visitor more time to learn more about your ministries and mission.

When we visited a church reception for a few weeks, it lead to some new friendships when someone chose to invite us to Sunday school.

The Sunday morning worship is usually a one-way experience where your visitor is consuming the experience.

A reception after the service allows this to become a two way experience.

For your church, this reception should be a vital part of your outreach.

Your coffee time doesn’t have to be elaborate.  It can be as simple as waters, juices, and crackers.

I recommend every Sunday because it’s part of the welcome mission of the church.

If your church doesn’t get a whole lot of visitors, then there may be other issues to work on.

Submit Your Question

If you have a question about a hospitality practice, feel free to ask me a question.

Do so via this form, or in the comment field below.

6 Christmas Strategies to Grow Your Church

I’ve been the first time visitor to churches during the Christmas season.  I have been the first time visitor to a Christmas Eve service where I didn’t ever want to go back.  On the other hand, I visited a church on Christmas Eve and was so impressed I wanted to invite friend the following week.

What will your first time visitors decide this Christmas season?  Will your worship service fill them with such hope and comfort that they wan to bring a friend?  Or will your church members ignore their presence and secretly hope those visitors won’t return?

Here are 6 Christmas strategies you can be doing to help your church fulfill its mission to share the gospel and change lives.


1.  Make invitations easy.

Use the Christmas season to encourage your members to invite their friends to church.   Here are a couple of ways.

2.  Find ways to bless your community.

As you bless the community during the Christmas season, your church will create good will in the community.  Check out some of these ideas:

Each of these ministries are designed to not only bless the community, but seize the opportunity to share information about Christmas services.

3.  Encourage your members to have parties with their neighbors.

Christmas is full of parties and celebrations.  You can encourage your members to be intentional in spending time with their neighbors or co-workers, and look for those moments to share some of their own personal faith journey.

4.  Review and update your church welcome practices.

Have your hospitality coordinator or ministry leader do a quick review of your church’s welcome, and then empower them to make some quick and easy changes.

For example, you might have former members who only attend your church on Christmas Eve.  What can your greeters say to welcome them?  (Help Don out: what would you say?)

Check out these other ideas

Download the Church Hospitality Audit 3.0.  It’s free.  Pastor Ford said:

I downloaded the audit and forwarded it to our hospitality leader. We work hard on developing hospitality in our church and yet there were a couple of things I learned from the audit that we have not done. I would recommend everyone downloading it.

5.  Create a comeback sermon series

You could print up some business card size series promotional for members to share, just like you may have done for your special Christmas services.

It might be a series tied to new year resolutions that emphasizes the work of the Holy Spirit in changing us.  You might do a sermon series on dealing with sin in relationships.  You want to plan an attractive series that will make it easy for your first time visitor to want to return.

You’ll need to help newcomers and non church goers discover value in attending church.

6.  Plan your assimilation steps ahead of time

With the comeback sermon series, you’ve made the next step easy to follow.  However, churches that fail to plan their assimilation strategies generally won’t see growth.  Take the time to review your intentional pathway to help returning visitors build relationships.  The goal is creating space for relationships to organically develop.

Read more:

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