How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your Church Greeters


A church greeter I never met invaded my personal space.An apathetic church greeter gave me a bulletin while talking to a friend.A church greeter wore so much cologne that my eyes watered when standing in his presence.Church greeters say the dumbest things.The mistakes of church greeters was one reason a family quit going to church … [Read more...]

How often should we serve coffee? – Reader Question


I love answering reader questions.I usually get to answer right away, and sometimes they are such great questions that I want to share them with you all, with permission I thank you so much for giving me ideas on how to improve my hospitality department.I am in a small church and the hospitality department its only 6 of us.Is it ok to … [Read more...]

6 Christmas Strategies to Grow Your Church


I've been the first time visitor to churches during the Christmas season.  I have been the first time visitor to a Christmas Eve service where I didn't ever want to go back.  On the other hand, I visited a church on Christmas Eve and was so impressed I wanted to invite friend the following week.What will your first time visitors decide this … [Read more...]

3 Principles for Hospitality Ministry Leaders


What makes for a great leader of a church hospitality team?Or, what makes a great leader of the church greeter team?From my readers, I regularly hear:How do I get greeters motivated? How do I get more volunteers to care about the vision?If you are a leader of church hospitality committee, or the leader of the church greeter team, … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Grow Your Church Hospitality Ministry

10 Ways to Grow Your Church

No church wants to give a their first time visitor or returning guest a bad experience.I have not run into a church that wants to create a bad experience for its guests.When visitors have a bad experience with your church, often your error is something unintentional.No church wants to be rude.  No church wants to hinder a family’s … [Read more...]

8 Steps to Relaunching A Church Hospitality Committee


At the beginning of each year, many churches form new church hospitality committees or relaunching a tired committee with new people.They want to update or infuse their church hospitality program with new ideas.One common question that I get, particularly from smaller churches that have ignored this issue for some time is: How do we start … [Read more...]

Duties of Church Hospitality Committee or Team


A common question I've begun to receive is What are some duties of the church hospitality team or committee? I've put together a list of potential hospitality duties or areas of focus that your team might want to consider as you work on your church hospitality program.Your team members are the face of the Body of Christ to those God sends … [Read more...]

Evaluate Your Hospitality Program for the Price of a Cup of Coffee

Measure your church hospitality

Someone had a really bad experience visiting a church - so bad they shared it on twitter.I blacked out the church name.  The visitor card pictured to the right came across my Evangelismcoach twitter feed this week.I hope your church doesn't receive visitor cards like this. Church Visitors want a good welcome experience. Hospitality … [Read more...]

I Can’t Get In

Churches don't let people in

Over at, I've released video Number 3.In today's video, I address one of the biggest barriers that churches put up to visitors who do come back for several weeks in a row.I once  attended a local fellowship for nearly 6 months and still had no friends.   It was a fellowship with about 100 people at … [Read more...]

Are You Prepared to Welcome New Visitors to Church?

Greeting Church Visitors

It's the beginning of 2011.People are making new years resolutions to start growing spiritually and are checking out churches to connect with.Are you prepared for them?I want to give you 5 areas to consider improving your welcome for your first time visitors. 1.  Trained Greeters Greeters can provide a warm handshake, helpful … [Read more...]