Does that make me a Christian?

Questions to Submit to Evangelismcoach

My wife relates the following story, I've intentionally left the details vague.She's providing English tutoring a woman from an Asian Country.This woman is married to a diplomat who works for their nation's embassy.This woman comes from a Buddist background, but doesn't practice any of her religion of her youth.While tutoring, the … [Read more...]

The Philip Experiment – Mt Vernon Dunamis

Philip the Evangelist

Friday afternoon during the Mt. Vernon Evangelism Dunamis, we had a lab time or a live practicum, based on the Philip and Ethiopian Eunuch story.We gathered as a group, prayed, and then dismissed to visit various places in Mount Vernon as we felt led or guessed at a leading.The goal was to have a spiritual conversation with whomever the … [Read more...]

Reflections from Enfield CT

Fear Free Evangelism Enfield

I've just wrapped up an Evangelism Conference at Calvary Presbyterian Church, Enfield CT, on Listening Evangelism, Evangelism in the Power of the Holy Spirit.What a great group of people!Several churches, different denominations, gathering to learn about our approach to Evangelism.Congregational, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Christian … [Read more...]

Personal Evangelism Coaching Group


Yesterday, I met with fellow blogger Jimmy Kinnaird here in Atlanta to discuss personal evangelism.  We had a great meeting at Starbucks, and it was awesome putting a real face on a real person that I first met because of our blogging interest on personal evangelism.An idea we kicked around is about an evangelism coaching group.An … [Read more...]

Is he a PC USA Pastor?

Branded like Cattle

It's always a privilege to do Evangelism Training Seminars in local churches over the course of a couple of days and to watch churches get excited about doing evangelism.It's our mission to help you find your evangelism passion and provide training to help you express your faith.Today is Sunday and I sit in the Branson airport, with some … [Read more...]

15 ways to Keep your Evangelism Passion High


I'm not the first to point this out, but I've heard the expression:"A rising tide lifts all boats."Perhaps you've heard it too. Perhaps it's a cliche that is beyond trendy.But, when one person is excited about evangelism, and doing it, sharing their experiences, and reflections, other people begin to get the idea that perhaps "I can do … [Read more...]

Effective Evangelism Training Lab Time

Effective Conversations Among Friends

In some of our weekend Evangelism Training Seminars, we often build in a practical exercise in personal evangelism, a "lab time," where people can leave the retreat setting and venture out to do evangelism in the style that we teach.It is modeled after Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.The basic premise is that we ask God to show us in … [Read more...]

Outreach Idea: Church offers free coffee on Mondays

Church Offers Coffee

Here is an outreach idea that a church is doing, in response to their local situation:Church offers free coffee on Mondays (link broken and removed).The idea is to providea gathering spot, a relational context where evangelism can naturally happen.Visitors do get a card with church information.While not strictly evangelism as … [Read more...]

Friday Finds

Friday Finds Magnifying Glass

Here is a great article about Jesus doing evangelism from Baptist Press. No formulas, no methodologies, and never a "sinner's prayer." Jesus spoke to all kinds of people, and treated each as a real person.Speaking of conversations, Darrell Davis points out how many conversations that Jesus had. Out of 132 contacts that Jesus had with people … [Read more...]

A Prayer Evangelism Exercise For Noticing People

I came across an entry at (domain hijacked, so delinked) that has a great exercise for personal evangelism, and it is similar to one we use in our workshops.Try this prayer evangelism exercise. Assignment for today:Go to the nearest mall.If the nearest mall is more than a 30 minute drive from your church, then … [Read more...]