7 Servant Evangelism Ideas for Black Friday Shopping Crowds

Black Friday Shopping Evangelism

In the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving is a major shopping day.

The media will show reports of Black Friday shopping crowds outside of major department stores and malls.

People who are waiting to be nearly the first in line to get the savings on Christmas presents for family and friends.

When the doors open, mayhem erupts and people get injured as crowds stampede through the open doors.

Corporations are now beginning to open on Thanksgiving Day to allow people to shop after the big meal.

I’m not a big fan of that scene, but the waiting lines that happen in your city or town can give your church an opportunity for a servant evangelism project.

Servant Evangelism Ideas on Black Friday

Servant evangelism is a simple way to market your church’s Christmas outreaches after Thanksgiving has passed.

On the simplest level, servant evangelism is marketing your church.  It involves some form of giveaway that meets a need, with an attached card that gives information about your church.

These servant evangelism ideas are useful any time of year, but post Thanksgiving and Black Friday crowds at malls present a natural crowd that you can bless.

Your act of kindness can build the bridge for the person to receive a touch of love from God.  You are showing the community that your church cares and does not exist only for itself.

Add a invitation to church—even a simple card  with your church’s name, phone number and times of services.   They might come and hear more about Jesus during the Christmas season.  You can add a comment that your church wants to bless the community, showing God’s love, with no strings attached.

Be Prepared before Black Friday for Evangelism moments.

ShareTheGospelYour act of kindness is not sufficient for people to hear the gospel.

They might not even know that you are serving “in His Name” unless you somehow share that.

The gospel does need words to accompany the good deeds.

But attentive volunteers will recognize the nudge of the Holy Spirit in some interactions.

Those conversation can turn evangelistic with a gospel sharing moment, or maybe even a prayer moment.

Remind your volunteers to watch for those moments and be equipped with conversation skills.

A Side Note:

Always obey the rules of your locality, and know that you may need to secure permission of owners if you are on private property.   For example, your local mall may be considered private property and security may not allow you to bless the people who have gathered.  You’ll have to learn ahead of time what boundaries are in place and make sure you obey them.

7 simple Black Friday Evangelism Ideas.

These 7 servant evangelism ideas for Black Friday can be used at other times of the year, but this would make a natural gathering for your volunteers to participate in these ideas

  1. Coffee with sugar and cream available.  Be careful with the hot coffee.
  2. Water Bottles
  3. Prepackaged snack like raisins, trail mix, granola bars (go peanut free).
  4. Hot Chocolate
  5. Donut Giveaway
  6. Candies
  7. Popcorn

Prepare some kind of connection card that gives information about your church, the church website, and service times.

For more servant evangelism ideas, consider the book Outflow, Steve Sjogren and David Ping.

Is your church doing any Thanksgiving Outreach?

If so, please share in the comments.  Give a brief overview and if you have a page on your church website that explains it, feel free to link to it.

4 Tips to Start a Door To Door Outreach

4 Tips for your next Door to Door Evangelism Campaign

A staple of church community evangelism has been the door to door outreach campaign.

If you want to start  door to door outreach in your community, I want to provide you with some starting points for your team to consider.

1.  Define your purpose

Your purpose will determine the training you will need to give your volunteers.

  • Are you seeking to learn community needs?
  • Are you inviting people to a particular outreach event or new sermon series?
  • Are you desiring to share the gospel with each person who opens the door?
  • Are you looking for prayer needs?
  • Are you doing a servant evangelism type outreach, like giving food to every household?
  • Are you expecting to visit with people, or simply leave literature like a door hanger advertisement or gospel tract?

One of my friends wanted simply to pass out tracts to every household in the community and listen for prayer needs.  He and his team knocked on every door, gave some literature, and offered to pray with people for particular needs.

2.  Define your area

What is the geographical area that you will canvas?  Define the limits of where you want to go.

If you are including apartment complexes or condos, you many need to secure permission from the property management to avoid problems.   While I do believe in free speech, I also desire to obey private property rights that some complexes choose to have.

You will want to keep your area to a size that will allow you to make repeat visits during the course of the year.

In one of our door to door campaigns a few years ago, we visited every home in managed housing complex.  We secured permission from the apartment manager, who was genuinely surprised that anyone would even care to visit every household in that complex.  It gave us a chance to witness to her as well as we talked about why we were doing this.

What we failed to do however was make a repeat visit within 4 months.  We never did that outreach again.

4 Tips to Start a Door To Door Evangelism Outreach

3.  Recruit and Train your volunteers

Depending on the purpose of your door to door campaign, you’ll recruit and train according to that purpose.

During your training meeting, be clear to define “What done looks like?”

Your purpose will define the content of your training meeting.

4.  Pray, Pray, and Pray

Spend time praying for the community before you go.

I would even encourage your team to spend at least a month or two praying before taking the first step to the first door.

You may even want to prayer walk your community for a month before you go.

One of my pastor friends chose this as their option.  They spent two months prayerwalking their community for 2 hours a day before they started their door to door outreach.

Possible Door to Door Training Resource

While there are many gospel presentations (I call them gospel scripts) that one could memorize for door to door evangelism campaigns, I teach an evangelism method can help you at each door you visit during your evangelism campaign.

  • Watch for the working of the Holy Spirit
  • Listen for spiritual thirst
  • Discern your place in their journey
  • Suggest possible next steps towards Jesus.

If part of your purpose is evangelism, consider using the Effective Conversations DVD for door to door training.

Reaching a Community Via a Coffeehouse

The Evangelism Office in the Presbyterian Church USA (which is my tribe) is putting out some videos on churches doing innovative things to reach into their community.

Check this one out:

I’m impressed with their strategy of Business as Mission, but using their coffeehouse to not only provide job, but a gathering space in the community that includes worship.

One question that some will ask: “Is this church?”

I believe it is accomplishing the mission of the church – to make disciples.

Break the Barriers Hospitality Training on DVD

You’ve worked so hard to attract church visitors. . . . .

You passionately desire to reach these newcomers for Christ.

You know that Jesus can make a difference in their life.

Perhaps you’ve spent money on advertising like a direct mail campaign or business cards members give away. You’ve designed sermon series to hopefully entice a second visit.

You’ve done a lot of hard work to get visitors to come to your church, but they fail to return.

It’s frustrating to work so hard and then feel like it’s all in vain. It leaves you wondering –

Will our church ever reach new people for Christ?

Visitors are coming . . . . but not coming back

You’ve spent the money on advertising.

You’ve designed the perfect sermon series.

You’ve even motivated the congregation to invite their friends to church!

You celebrate the fruit – they have come, but then the following Sunday, you discover they don’t come back.

I’ve seen statistics that indicate that most churches only keep 1-2 out of every 100 first time church visitors. That’s dismal.

Just to stay stable, you need to keep 3 out of every 100.

In order to grow, you need to keep 5-7 or more out every 100 visitors.

Do you accidentally keep your church visitors from returning?

Read more about Break the Unseen Barriers DVD Set now available for shipping in the US and Canada

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