Book Review: A Plan to Revitalize a Church’s Passion for Evangelism

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One frustrating problem for small church pastors is leading a church that has no desire to share their faith.   How does that pastor begin to change that and overcome the natural resistance to personal evangelism?If a pastor had no training in personal evangelism (which is likely if the church is a mainline denomination), then how does a pastor … [Read more...]

So You Are the New Pastor of a Small Church, Now What?

Evangelism for the New Small Church Pastor

Were you recently appointed as the new pastor of a small church?Over the summer, I've met with new pastors, freshly ordained, who have been appointed to very small churches in rural areas, or some churches in urban pockets that have been in decline for years.What are some possible ways the small church pastor can help grow the church … [Read more...]

NIV Application Commentary Sale

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Zondervan has placed the NIV Application Commentary Series on sale for only $4.99 each through May 20th. I have this entire collection in hardback, and rejoice that they've thrown this to the kindle on a deep discount.The first column is for the US Market.The second is for Canadians.OLD … [Read more...]

Video: How Your Church Can Grow in Evangelism


As a church leader, what if you don't excel in personal evangelism?Can your congregation still enjoy conversion growth?Watch these three pastors in this 10-minute video about how churches can grow in evangelism.Darrin Patrick, Mark Dever and Matt Chandler spend some time talking about their different evangelism approaches.You … [Read more...]

Get More Church Invitations: Relevant Sermons

How preaching leads to more church invitations

Recently, I was asked via Ask EvangelismCoach about ways to increase the number of invitations to church that members give to their network of friends.Review these posts to get on board with some of the answersMore church invitations: Friends and Family Get More Church Invitations: Prayer I want you to come to my churchToday, I … [Read more...]

33 Influential Evangelism Books for 2012


Outreach Magazine compiled a list of 33 influential books in the March 2012 edition."Whether you are aspiring to evangelize more effectively, exploring the nuances of 'missional' in your life and your church, looking for a great small group curriculum, or just wanting to expand your ministry knowledge in general, we want to help you find the … [Read more...]

Use Christmas services to re-invite inactive members

Advent Wreath for church Celebrations

Have there been members of your church who dropped out this year?Maybe they just stopped coming and your not sure why.Christmas events at your church provide you with an excellent opportunity to reach out to these inactive members once again.Here is how you can do this. 1.  Look over your list of inactive people. These could be … [Read more...]

7 Axioms of Personal Evangelism

BRM Class 3

Earlier in October of 2011 I taught a class to pastors in the only seminary in Barquisimeto Venezuela.The Wesleyan Seminary of Venezuela (founded by a United Methodist Church in Georgia) has established a ministry school in the central Venezuelan city of Barquismeto.It provides continuing academic training for current pastors, church … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Grow Small Church Numbers

Growing a Small Church

A regular question I get is "How do you grow a small church?"In our current life situation, we are planting a church in the city in which we live.We are currently a small church, made up primarily of immigrants from foreign countries.Approximately35 adults in attendance each week 20 children under age of 14Here are 5 steps we … [Read more...]

3 Focus Areas to Grow a Small Church

Growing the small church

In a discussion group I am a part of, a small church pastor asked the group for advise on how to grow a small church.Well meaning Christians threw out all sorts of cliches that lack substance, even if they are true:Pray Follow God Get back to the Bible Don't follow man's ways Just glorify Jesus and people will come Let your light … [Read more...]