5 Possible Desired Outcomes of Door to Door Visitation


Perhaps your church is thinking about a door to door evangelism outreach.Some churches excel at it.  Other churches want to get better, and still others want to avoid any kind of door to door visitation.If you are considering a door to door evangelism campaign, the premier question I would ask you is What is your desired outcome?1.  … [Read more...]

Video: It will Cost You Everything

Cost of Discipleship

It is unfair of any evangelist to withhold the cost of discipleship.   Following Jesus will cost you everything.This video came across my feed and I found my self really stirred.  This video is an evangelistic call quoting, in part, from the texts of the gospel and the reality of the second coming.It holds back nothing and maps out the cost … [Read more...]

Church Greeter Prayer for Positive Attitude


Some days, your church greeter volunteer will wake up in the morning with a not so helpful attitude. Check out these tweets: … [Read more...]

A Church Greeter Prayer for Holiness

Without holiness no one sees the Lord

A holy life will make the deepest impression. Lighthouses blow no horns, they just shine."It is a great deal better to live a holy life than to talk about it. We are told to let our light shine, and if it does we won’t need to tell anybody it does. The light will be its own witness. Lighthouses don’t ring bells and fire cannon to call attention … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Church Greeters #1

A Church Greeter Prayer

Over the next several weeks, I'll put out a few prayers for church greeters.You are free to print, share, forward by email any of these church greeter prayers in this new series with your greeter team. A Prayer for Church Greeters Jesus,You are the Good Shepherd.  You are kind.  You welcome those who seek you with a kindness and … [Read more...]

Devotion: Who can I bring to Jesus?


Do I know enough people that I can bring to Jesus? Great crowds came to Jesus, bringing with them the lame, the blind, the crippled, those who could not speak, and many others. They put them at Jesus’ feet, and he healed them. - Matthew 15:30 As I prayed through this text this morning, my heart stirred over this phrase: Bringing with them . . . … [Read more...]

You’ve helped me to pray


Some doubt the effectiveness of their prayers because they are uncertain if they arefollowing the correct format, obeying all the right rules, and fulfilling all the necessary requirements for God to hear them and answer their prayer.Nagging doubts about rules and formulas shape their perceptions of prayer.But the spiritual … [Read more...]

3 Avenues of Evangelistic Prayer

Quote on Prayer

A reader question via Ask EvangelismCoach wonders: What are some prayer points for church growth? While there are many different avenues for intercessory prayers for church growth, let me suggest 3 avenues. 1. Personal evangelism Take some time to pray about your own personal evangelism.(See the 10 most important articles here).Pray … [Read more...]

Video: How to Maintain a Passion for Evangelism

Passion for Evangelism Flame Fire

Once you light a flame, it only burns so bright.Then, without fresh fuel, it'll fade.The cycle of evangelism training You attend an evangelism conference.You get all emotionally jazzed and ready to implement what you've learned.But then, life gets in the way.The passion fades.Until the next evangelism conference. How … [Read more...]

What if I don’t have non-Christian friends?


What if I don't have any non-Christian friends?This is a common objection that I receive when I encourage people to think:Who they can invite to church? Who they can start praying for to find faith.Active involvement in the life of non-Christians will put you in a place to give a personal invitation to church or listen for spiritual … [Read more...]