The Cause Circle: A useful Evangelism Training Concept

Source: Dare2Share

THE Cause Circle from Dare2Share is a simple tool that will help you be purposeful about sharing Jesus’ message with your friends.It will help you identify your friends,remind you to pray, to pursue spiritual conversations and to persuade them to consider Jesus’ message.A Good Visual for Evangelism TrainingI like the visual … [Read more...]

Is Relational Evangelism in the Old Testament?

God's been good to me

A reader submitted a question about evangelism in the Old Testament. I'd love to be steered toward some Old Testament passages that relate to "Relational Evangelism" any passages come to mind? Part of how I answer the question is rooted in how I define evangelism and relational evangelism.  So let's start with these My definition of … [Read more...]

7 Observations from Fox News’ Kristen Powers’ Testimony

Kristen Powers' Testimony

Christianity Today recently released an article you may have seen, Fox News' Highly Reluctant Jesus Follower.  It's a worthy article to read Kristen Powers' first hand personal testimony of how she became a follower of Jesus.It is getting a lot of airplay at the moment (I must have seen it 30 times already in personal Facebook feed, and … [Read more...]

Book Review: Living Dangerously, Shawn Anderson


The Great Commission calls each of us to "Go and make disciples."  Your lifestyle plays a part in that process.  Eventually, you'll need to talk about your faith in Christ and share the gospel, but your lifestyle and your character will play a role in your witness.What areas of your character significantly impact another person's journey to … [Read more...]

Personal Evangelism in the Course of Life


How do I incorporate evangelism in the ordinary course of life?You have your own routines of daily life and if you are like me, you do not want evangelism to be an appointment at 4pm on Friday in the local park.So how do I incorporate personal evangelism at this season in my own life?I walk/run nearly 25k (15.5 miles) each week.  That’s … [Read more...]

Does your non-Christian friend know you are a Christian?


Would you agree or disagree with the question? "Many people who know me are not aware that I am a Christian." You might be really private about your faith.  I have had people tell me, "I've always believed in Jesus, I just didn't talk about it."You might be really open about your faith, where your relationship with Christ is a normal topic of … [Read more...]

Is relational evangelism biblical?


Is relational evangelism a biblical method?Some critics of relational evangelism claim, among other objections, that there is no biblical evidence for a relational evangelism approach.It doesn’t take long on a google search to find them.Critics claim thatThe primary New Testament method of evangelism is preaching or … [Read more...]

What is relational evangelism?


There are many different personal evangelism methods being taught these days in the body of Christ.In part, these different evangelism methods are an outgrowth of different strengths, personalities, personal preferences and diversity in the body of Christ.Evangelism trainers like myself have found these different ways to help nervous people … [Read more...]

MP3: 4 Growth Steps in Personal Evangelism

Grow in Personal Evangelism

Where can I start in my growth in personal evangelism?What if I'm too scared to talk with strangers?Or better yet, where can I start?In this 60 minute recording on personal evangelism you will learn:How church invitations are part of evangelism How to discover and share your own journey to faith What you can say about the … [Read more...]

More church invitations: Friends and Family

Friendships and Church Invitations

In the previous article in the series of giving more invitations to church, I focused on prayer.As I continue to look at various ways to increase the number of personal invitations to church that your church members give, today's article is focused on the number of personal friends who are unchurched.Again, the statistics show that a … [Read more...]