5 Star Book Reviews for Church Greeter 101

Chris Walker's Church Greeters 101 now available in print

I was recently asked to organize our almost nonexistent hospitality team at church. I was honored to be asked but honestly not sure where to start.I mean you just say hello to people right?!?Who knew there was so much more to what a greeting team actually does!  Thank you so much for this book and the wonderful information and insight it … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Effective Church Hospitality Training

Break DVDsetCase

You've worked hard to attract visitors to your church.  You passionately desire to reach these newcomers for Christ. You know that Jesus can make a difference in their life.Perhaps you’ve spent money on advertising like a direct mail campaign or business cards members give away. You’ve designed sermon series to hopefully entice a second … [Read more...]

Baptism is the fruit of personal evangelism

Baptize Newcomers

I got the following story via email in response to the most recent Evangelism Coach Newsletter.With the author's permission, I share it here as a guest article while I'm away on Evangelism Training Ministry in Nicaragua.Of course names are changed for privacy.  The photo is a different friend of mine conducting a baptism. I appreciate the … [Read more...]