3 Keys to Make an Evangelistic Sunday School Culture


Sunday school has a long history of being an evangelistic tool of the church.  I've visited growing churches that utilize their Sunday School to not only grow their members, but create a space where newcomers can connect and discover faith.Recently, a small church pastor asked me about how to make their Sunday School evangelistic.   They are a … [Read more...]

Different Greetings to Welcome Church Visitors

Things to say to church visitors

I asked some peers in some of my networking groups: Is there something more Church greeters can say than "Good morning?"What are some of your suggestions? Please comment on site and join the discussion. This was a response to a prior article:What do you say greeting church visitors? Some Greeting Options Here are some responses from my … [Read more...]

Break the Barriers Hospitality Training on DVD

Break DVDsetCase

You’ve worked so hard to attract church visitors. . . . .You passionately desire to reach these newcomers for Christ.You know that Jesus can make a difference in their life.Perhaps you’ve spent money on advertising like a direct mail campaign or business cards members give away. You’ve designed sermon series to hopefully entice a second … [Read more...]

Podcast: Christmas Outreach to the Community

Outreach Table for Christmas Church Marketing

Listen in as one church tells the story of getting their Christmas events out to a few thousand people during a town Christmas event.I interview Kevin Cunningham, outreach pastor of a church in Nashua New Hampshire, a town of about 80,000. Christmas OutreachEach year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the city turns Main Street into a … [Read more...]

Use Christmas services to re-invite inactive members

Advent Wreath for church Celebrations

Have there been members of your church who dropped out this year?Maybe they just stopped coming and your not sure why.Christmas events at your church provide you with an excellent opportunity to reach out to these inactive members once again.Here is how you can do this. 1.  Look over your list of inactive people. These could be … [Read more...]

Update your Church Website for Your Christmas Visitors

Church Website Update

Many people check out a church's website or Facebook page prior to visiting your church at Christmas.If you are having special events at Christmas to attract new church visitors, ask yourself these questions while at your church website:What time is your Christmas Eve Service? What should I expect on Christmas Eve? Is there childcare … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Church for Christmas Visitors – Hospitality Review

Church Hospitality for Christmas

Christmas is an ideal time to attract people into your churchby hosting Advent activities, reaching out into the community, and making your church more inviting.Don't miss the opportunities to introduce people to Christ this Christmas.As you celebrate and announce the birth of Christ, don't forget to also proclaim the resurrection … [Read more...]

6 Steps to Organize an Invite a Friend Day

Church Invitations Meeting

A reader contacted me via Ask EvangelismCoach: “Pastor, our small church needs help organizing a Friends and Family day for the end of August to launch our new season.Can you help us?” As we talked further on the phone, we kicked around a few ideas unique to their church, but developed some ideas that are useful to many churches.So here … [Read more...]

25 Factors That Shape Visitor Perceptions About Church

25 Factors that Influence Church Visitors

Today's Guest Article is from Steve Fogg: Clear and Simple.He is a blogger from Australia, focused on communications and PR for churches.  I first found Steve through a Blog Carnival on OurChurch.comWhile I'm away on vacation, there will be a few guests posts this week.This list is an awesome compilation of factors that you can address … [Read more...]

How to Say the Welcome Greeting at a church


Imagine that you are a lay person in your congregation (many of you are).Your pastor calls you on Thursday and says We are preparing the church bulletin.Would you like to be our liturgist and give the welcome speech on Sunday?Would you like to be person who says "Welcome to our church." Your heart races, the mouth goes dry.  You … [Read more...]