What does the Bible say about Hospitality Ministry?

What does Bible Say about Hospitality

The Bible has a lot to say about Christian Hospitality in general.  Two of the most popular posts on Evangelismcoach.org are lists of Biblical references to hospitality and welcome.I've updated these lists to include Scripture Verses and a print feature for you to print out what might the Bible say about Hospitality Ministry.If you like … [Read more...]

3 Barriers to Recruiting Church Greeters

Pick Me Eager Volunteer Greeter

I would love for there to more volunteers for greeter ministry than spaces you could fill.  However, I'm not sure there are churches where people are fighting to be volunteer greeters.  If you find yourself struggling to recruit volunteers for your greeting ministry, here are 3 barriers you might face. 1.  Fear Fear is one common barrier to … [Read more...]

14 Bible Verses on Welcoming the Stranger

Scriptures on Welcome the Stranger

Do you need Bible verses to consider for your hospitality committee devotions?Perhaps you need a list of welcoming bible verses for your greeter ministry?You can turn this list of bible verses on welcoming the stranger into a simple email to your greeter volunteers as a reminder of how they are called to extend an awesome welcome to … [Read more...]

Take Your Church Up A Notch For Under $2,500!


If you had a $2500 budget to spend on improving your church for a better welcome, where would you spend it?This could be a great discussion starter for your hospitality committee to help reveal some dreams and vision development.  Use it as a brainstormer an capture the ideas. If you had $2500 to spend, what would you do with it to improve … [Read more...]

Need More Hospitality Ministry Volunteers?


Here is a common email I receive (composed from various ones): I'm having a hard time finding volunteers who believe in the ministry of hospitality.  They think everyone should be doing this automatically.Our church doesn't have enough people who are interested in being greeters. We can't get any volunteers. .We've not ever organized our … [Read more...]

This belongs in your church’s DNA

Epicentro Colon

What do you want your church visitors to think when they experience your church?You're crazy. God is in your midst.Last night, I taught in a church that is planting two more churches here in 2013.This is a young congregation, under 4 years old, already raising money and training leaders for future church plants.I asked them the … [Read more...]

Different Greetings to Welcome Church Visitors

Things to say to church visitors

I asked some peers in some of my networking groups: Is there something more Church greeters can say than "Good morning?"What are some of your suggestions? Please comment on site and join the discussion. This was a response to a prior article:What do you say greeting church visitors? Some Greeting Options Here are some responses from my … [Read more...]

10 Things Every First Time Church Greeter Should Know

Church Greeters Handshake

So you want to be a church greeter, but too embarrassed to say you are not sure what you are doing?Don't want to say something that would put you on this list of crazy things church greeters say?If you are a first time church greeter, here are ten things you need to know about the work of the greeter in the church. 1.  Honor your members … [Read more...]

Your Turn: How to Identify Church Visitors in a Large Church

How To Spot a Church visitor

Recently, a reader submitted a question via Ask Evangelismcoach. What are some ideas for identifying visitors?We are a 2500 member church and many of us don't know the difference between a visitor and someone who is a member who we just have never met?I have heard of using name tags, colored coffee cups(ugh!), asking visitors to stand … [Read more...]

Duties of Church Hospitality Committee or Team


A common question I've begun to receive is What are some duties of the church hospitality team or committee? I've put together a list of potential hospitality duties or areas of focus that your team might want to consider as you work on your church hospitality program.Your team members are the face of the Body of Christ to those God sends … [Read more...]