Is Relational Evangelism in the Old Testament?

God's been good to me

A reader submitted a question about evangelism in the Old Testament. I'd love to be steered toward some Old Testament passages that relate to "Relational Evangelism" any passages come to mind? Part of how I answer the question is rooted in how I define evangelism and relational evangelism.  So let's start with these My definition of … [Read more...]

7 Observations from Fox News’ Kristen Powers’ Testimony

Kristen Powers' Testimony

Christianity Today recently released an article you may have seen, Fox News' Highly Reluctant Jesus Follower.  It's a worthy article to read Kristen Powers' first hand personal testimony of how she became a follower of Jesus.It is getting a lot of airplay at the moment (I must have seen it 30 times already in personal Facebook feed, and … [Read more...]

Give This Book to Your Spiritually Thirsty Friend

Book Witnessing Tool

One spiritual conversation is just not enough.  The Lord will use many conversations to help bring your friend to Christ.  But sometimes, you'll want something that you can give your spiritually thirsty friend something that they can read and ponder over.Books are good for this.  Invite your friend to read one with you and discuss the chapters … [Read more...]

Are you a Genesis 3 Christian?

Young Life Guatemala

I listened to the testimony of an adult woman from Guatemala.  She is 2nd from the left in the image. Her journey to faith brought me to tears, and once again aroused my desire to help other people share the good news of Jesus Christ.  As you read or listen her story, ask yourself this question:  Where would you start with the gospel?  Genesis 3, … [Read more...]

7 Detours in Evangelistic Conversation

Detours to Evangelistic Conversations

In a recent Outreach Magazine article (Nov/Dec 2012), Larry Osborne put together a list of 7 detours in evangelism conversations.Detours are those conversational rabbit trails that are deflect significant evangelistic conversation elsewhere, rather than at the true spiritual need of others.We often step into those rabbit trails, thinking … [Read more...]

Book Review: Done – What most religions don’t tell you about the Bible

Done Cary Schmidt

Cary Schmidt has written a useful introduction to the gospel:Done.: What most religions don't tell you about the Bible.Its chapters cover the basic gospel script of Do Vs. Done as the framework for a simple explanation of the gospel that allows someone who is considering Christianity to examine the biblical evidence and reasoning of a … [Read more...]

May 2012 Personal Evangelism Seminar – Richmond VA


You Want Me To Do What? Many people find personal evangelism scary.Some would rather clean a pig sty instead of talking about Jesus to their friends.You know that Jesus commands us to go and share.You know that your faith is meaningful.But fear stands in the way.Fear Free Evangelism seminars will help you overcome those natural … [Read more...]

How to Mess Up a Christmas Party with Evangelism

How to fail at Christmas Party Evangelism

Have you ever been "sandbagged" at a party where the organizer had a hidden agenda?To sandbag your Christmas party guests is to unexpectedly thrust your guests into a socially awkward or highly uncomfortable situation where they are unable to escape, metaphorically speaking. How we were sandbagged This happened to us on a Disney vacation, but … [Read more...]

Sharing your faith with no results

Find Your Personal Testimony

Why do some people express great interest in the gospel of Jesus Christ, yet they never cross the line of faith and discipleship?Perhaps you've spent time sharing your faith (maybe a few years) byDeveloping authentic relationships with non-believers Faith sharing conversations over dinner Answering difficult questionsYet, they … [Read more...]

How to be ready to share your faith

One to one faith conversation

Have you ever been put on the spot with regards to an evangelistic moment?Imagine, you are at the beach with a friend, talking about life.The rhythm of the crashing waves, the cry of seagulls, and the breeze creates a relaxing setting where the the conversation takes a deeply spiritual turn.The spontaneous conversation begins to go deep … [Read more...]