Video: How do you know Christianity is the one true worldview

ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias of RZIM is one of my favorite apologists.His Youtube video channel has over 2,000,000 views and I could spend a day watching each video.The strength of his ministry is an apologetics and philosophy.  If that is your evangelism style, his material will help you. … [Read more...]

Review of Beyond Belief by Patrick McElroy


Beyond Belief by Patrick McElroy is subtitled Live a Consistent, Spiritually Powerful life.From the back cover: “a book about breaking free from a spiritually weak life to achieve the consistently powerful one that is available to every believer.It’s a Bible Study 101 that guides reader to a greater revelation of God.” Summary of Beyond … [Read more...]

The Rabbit and the Elephant Review

Rabbit and the Elephant Book Review

Today, I’m participating in a blog book tour for The Rabbit and the Elephant: Why Small Is the New Big for Today's Church Tony and Felicity Dale.Others have published their entry ahead of me (see below), and a few others will follow behind. The Rabbit and the Elephant A movement of house churches is reaching the tipping point in North … [Read more...]

Drifting Away from the World


In They like Jesus, but not the Church, even Dan Kimball confesses that he made the same discovery at one point-- no non-Christian relationships.As I have given relational evangelism training seminars around the US and Latin America, the most common confession I hear from those who have walked with Christ for many years I don't have any … [Read more...]

Did Saint Francis of Assisi get it wrong?

St Francis of Assisi

One of my loyal readers (via RSS feed) wrote an interesting post: Today, I had coffee with a friend of mine who said, "I don't believe that it is my responsibility to share the gospel." He just wanted to live his life in such a way that people would be attracted to that example and hopefully come to Christ.I reminded him that for a Christian, … [Read more...]

Friday Finds

Friday Finds Magnifying Glass

Servant Evangelism Steve Sjogren, in Scattering, Watering, and then...Waiting reminds us about how the role of the evangelist: Jesus said that the Holy Spirit is like the wind – he (not IT – please, never refer to the Holy Spirit as “it” – that is incredibly offensive to him) is not one who can be controlled. We see the effect of wind on the … [Read more...]

The Role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism


We know that God's Spirit is at work in us as believers, training us, teaching us, and transforming us.But, I also want to point out how the Holy Spirit prepares the way for evangelism to occur naturally. Phillip and the Ethiopian Consider Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.Clearly the Spirit of God was at work in the life of the … [Read more...]

Evangelism Book review: Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult


As mentioned in Saturday's post I just finished reading Nick Pollard's Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult: How to Interest People who Aren't Already Interested (order your copy direct from Amazon).The goal of his book is to help you get uninterested people interested in Jesus, to reach people "who are simply not interested in hearing … [Read more...]

What is postmodernism

What is the definition of Evangelism.

A question that I'm asked often when teaching is "what is postmodernism?" It's a term I throw around loosely, since that's just part of my worldview. I've used it several times in this blog already and will continue to do so.But often, my audience has only heard the word, not ever having thought about just what it is.I offer a few … [Read more...]