Evangelism Strategies Podcast and Webinar Replay

Webinar for Churches

In this complimentary Evangelismcoach webinar, I’ll share with you 3 major areas of evangelism training for your congregation to help you develop your evangelism strategy for 2012.Among other things you’ll lean:3 areas of focus for congregational evangelism to start your planning 6 different evangelism styles to match the right program … [Read more...]

Beating Dunbars Number


Several years ago, I was challenged as a youth pastor to give my leadership away  -- delegate, delegate, and delegate. The challenger warned me that I could only reach so many people, but if I delegated and empowered, I could lead larger ministries with longer reaches and greater sustainability. The challenger mentioned that my personal limit of … [Read more...]

6 Areas to Pray for Revival


Here is a list help you pray for revival in the church and the further advancement of God's kingdom.Paul exhorted the Christians in Ephesus to: "...pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayer and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints (Ephesians 6:18).”For us this includes being … [Read more...]

11 Steps on How to Lead a Prayer Meeting Focused on Evangelism

How to Lead an Evangelistic Prayer Meeting

Leading your church to pray for their personal evangelism efforts may not be as easy as you think.    I have found that people bring their own agendas to the prayer meeting and it becomes easy for the prayer meeting to be hi-jacked.  Here,  I want to offer to you a simple guideline for an evangelistic prayer meeting.1. In the name of Jesus … [Read more...]

Guest Article: Church Hospitality Training


This was submitted by one of our readers and permission granted to be distributed by EvangelismCoach.org.  The writer wishes to remain anonymous.  Some slight editing for on-line reading have been made.The writer gave this as part of their Hospitality training to their welcoming ministries team in a mid-size congregation, so some may be worded … [Read more...]

2 Attitudes for Small Church Transformation


Of all the various observations that Crandall makes in Turnaround and Beyond: A Hopeful Future for the Small Membership Church about vision casting, effective leadership and managing conflict, there were a few items that really stuck out for me in terms of what successful turnaround and transformational churches have. 1.  A concern for … [Read more...]

Connecting Worship and Evangelism


During January, I received a series of questions via Ask Evangelism Coach section.Because of travel engagements in 3 different countries during January, I'm just now responding (though I've been thinking about these for a while)A series of posts this week will focus on sharing these. It's my hope that our readers will join in the … [Read more...]

For Greeters: What to say to A Church Visitor


How often have you heard this excuse for not having church greeters?Greeting church visitors is every one's responsibility.However, you know this doesn't always get done.Thus, many churches  have organized greeting teams to serve a few weeks in a row.In my experience, some times people who are recruited as church greeters may not be … [Read more...]

10 Practices to Welcome Church Visitors Part 2


Miss part 1 with number 1-5? You can read 10 Practices to Welcome Church Visitors Part 1 by following that link.Here are Common Practices 6-10.6. “Secret Greeters” Some churches will go beyond only training greeters for points of entry at the church, such as the front door.A good idea is to encourage others to be "secret … [Read more...]

The Definition of Church Hospitality


Church Hospitality is not evangelism.I've written in the past about the connection between Christian Hospitality and Evangelism, particularly as to the connection to welcoming first time visitors.I've published stories of being a first time church visitor and experiences of welcoming church visitors:No One Said Hello I can’t silence … [Read more...]