The Role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism


We know that God's Spirit is at work in us as believers, training us, teaching us, and transforming us.But, I also want to point out how the Holy Spirit prepares the way for evangelism to occur naturally. Phillip and the Ethiopian Consider Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.Clearly the Spirit of God was at work in the life of the … [Read more...]

15 ways to Keep your Evangelism Passion High


I'm not the first to point this out, but I've heard the expression:"A rising tide lifts all boats."Perhaps you've heard it too. Perhaps it's a cliche that is beyond trendy.But, when one person is excited about evangelism, and doing it, sharing their experiences, and reflections, other people begin to get the idea that perhaps "I can do … [Read more...]

I want to feel Jesus

Iglesia Comunidad Evangelica Richmond

We go to a little Spanish community church.We are the only North American family in the place (by American -- they mean me, the English speaker).God has used this little church in ways to allow me to experience some healing and growth in my life, even though Spanish is not in my native language.The service is in Spanish: prayers, … [Read more...]

What is Spiritual Thirst?

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To read prior parts:An Intercessor's Burden -- Getting worked up Cultural Connections -- From Athens to Machu PicchuThis started as part of a conversation over at Evangelism Action, but will take much more than just a comment to tease out. Spiritual Thirst propels a search Spiritual thirst is a way of describing a person’s own search … [Read more...]

What is postmodernism

What is the definition of Evangelism.

A question that I'm asked often when teaching is "what is postmodernism?" It's a term I throw around loosely, since that's just part of my worldview. I've used it several times in this blog already and will continue to do so.But often, my audience has only heard the word, not ever having thought about just what it is.I offer a few … [Read more...]