Personal Evangelism


Conference: Personal Evangelism for Ordinary People February 28, 2015

Imagine: You confidently answer a question about why you follow Jesus. Your friend asks you how you became a Christian and you give a clear story. You share the gospel story without being tongue-tied. I once met a church member who felt that evangelism was not doable because he felt he had no talent, no […]

Street Preacher Evangelism

The fear of the E-word

In the November issue of Presbyterians Today, I share an article that gives 3 basic steps to overcome your personal fear of evangelism. Sometimes called “the e-word,” as if evangelism is an unspeakable curse word, personal evangelism is generally not a regular discipline among believers in mainline churches because of associations with pushy street preachers. […]

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Church Hospitality

First Time Church Visitor Story

Church Shopping Visit Number 6

We were prepared to be the first time church visitor in our new home town of Port St. Lucie Florida. The church planting team we are a part of has taken a holiday break, so our family was free on a Sunday morning to be that first time visitor and experience once again the challenge of […]

Church Visitor Follow Up letters

Send Your First Time Church Visitor a Followup Letter

Our family was the first time church visitor as a result of moving our home office to the state of Florida. We visited a few churches around our new little area of Port St. Lucie. Since we have no church going friends in this city, we are dependent upon advertisements and the internet to find a […]

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Greeter Ministry


We will not forget THAT church greeter

It was our third visit to a local church in the last 102 weeks. We love visiting that church when we are in that city.  In fact, whenever we go, we try to invite a friend to that church. Even through we have not ever experienced followup from filling out their visitor contact card, we […]

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