Personal Evangelism


How William Wilberforce Shared His Faith

William Wilberforce, the British abolitionist, had some habits of personal evangelism that we can mimic today. I’ve been reading his biography by Eric Metaxas and found this description in Chapter 15.

Faith Story Number 4 in the series what every Christian must know

Faith Story Number 4: The So What Story

How has Jesus changed your life? What difference has following Jesus made? This “so what” story is faith story number 4 in our series in Four Stories every Christian must know.

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Church Hospitality

8 Lessons I learned while shopping for a church

8 Lessons from My Church Shopping Experience

Our family has been the church shopper. We moved to a new city, had no friends in that city, and looked for a church where our family could give our time, talents, and treasure. We wanted a place where we could invest our lives for this new chapter of life. Here are 8 lessons I learned from making several visits over the past year before we found a church home.

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Greeter Ministry

Church Greeters could use this tip as soon as this Sunday at church. Read on and share

Church Greeter Tips: Show Respect for your Guests

Several months ago, a church greeter kissed my wife. Other church greeters failed to make eye contact. We startled a church greeter by asking her a simple question “Where is the middle school Sunday school class meeting?” She didn’t know the answer and we created an awkward moment. As the hospitality ministry leader, it is […]

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