Personal Evangelism

How to Pray for Neighbors Salvation

How to Pray for Your Neighbor’s Salvation

I recently got new neighbors.  They moved in across the way. I know very little about them at the moment, other than they are Jewish. At least, that is my best guess based on the mezuzah that is on their door frame.  I am told that the mezuzah holds a small paper scroll with the […]

Baptism is the fruit of evangelism

Don’t lose that vision of Personal Baptism

The evangelism news this week centered around the decline of baptisms within the Southern Baptist Convention. A decline in baptisms, no matter the denomination or church tells me that personal evangelism is not happening. That causes me to feel grief. . .  Why are we not baptizing people?

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Church Hospitality

Church Hospitality Training Webinar

Webinar: Step up! First Steps to Running or Restarting Your Welcome Ministries

If you are a new leader in your church’s hospitality or welcome ministry, register for this online class to help you get started in preparing for the upcoming season of welcome. If you Were recently appointed as leader of your hospitality ministry Want to reorganize a stale welcome ministry Re-launch your hospitality ministry for the […]

Church Hospitality Training Faults

Regular hospitality training would fix this awkward experience

Once again, my family got to be the first time church visitors this past weekend. We chose a church that had 3 Sunday services, and an approximate weekend attendance of 1500 people. They have much of the hospitality systems in place, but it may be time for a hospitality training refresher for their volunteers This […]

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Greeter Ministry


We will not forget THAT church greeter

It was our third visit to a local church in the last 102 weeks. We love visiting that church when we are in that city.  In fact, whenever we go, we try to invite a friend to that church. Even through we have not ever experienced followup from filling out their visitor contact card, we […]

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