Personal Evangelism

The Noah Movie Review

Quit your whining about the Noah Movie – use it instead for evangelism

What is your reaction to the Noah Movie? After discussing it with my family over a dinner, we concluded that there are likely 3 main reactions  from the world of Christians to the Noah movie. Two of them will be useless for the kingdom of God. Christians should seize the opportunity to talk about a […]

Evangelism Tips

39 Days of Personal Evangelism–Tweetable List

Try this schedule of daily steps to increase your personal evangelism in your life. Ways to use this list: Share it to your networks via Google, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere. Print it out and use it in your small group for accountability. Save it and post each one as a Twitter tip (they all fit) Incorporate these […]

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Church Hospitality


Coffee as a means of grace

A little humor today from Coffee as a Means of Grace – A sip of theological humor. If you have ever endured an sermon loaded with sloppy exegesis, you’ll find the rest of the article a good laugh.  I’ve heard nearly every exegetical mistake picked on in the article and couldn’t help but laugh at […]


How often should we serve coffee? – Reader Question

I love answering reader questions. I usually get to answer right away, and sometimes they are such great questions that I want to share them with you all, with permission I thank you so much for giving me ideas on how to improve my hospitality department. I am in a small church and the hospitality […]

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Greeter Ministry


How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your Church Greeters

A church greeter I never met invaded my personal space. An apathetic church greeter gave me a bulletin while talking to a friend. A church greeter wore so much cologne that my eyes watered when standing in his presence. Church greeters say the dumbest things. The mistakes of church greeters was one reason a family […]


We will not forget THAT church greeter

It was our third visit to a local church in the last 102 weeks. We love visiting that church when we are in that city.  In fact, whenever we go, we try to invite a friend to that church. Even through we have not ever experienced followup from filling out their visitor contact card, we […]

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