Free Church Hospitality Audit 2.0 Released

Church Hospitality AuditTonight I release another free download resource:

Church Hospitality Audit 2.0

The original Church Hospitality Assessment was released  February 2007 and has been downloaded over 2100 times.

Download your Free Church Hospitality Survey

Use this church hospitality survey form as part of your regular church hospitality review.

This will to help you evaluate how welcoming or visitor friendly your church is.

Sample questions from the Church Hospitality Survey 2.0

___ Is your church’s name easy to read from the road?
___ Is it easy to tell which entrance to use for the church office?
___ Does the exterior and overall appearance of your church look well maintained and attractive?
___ Are the restrooms all clean?
___ Are all rooms in the church clearly marked?
___ Are there stacks of old bulletins, old magazines, or out-of-date church brochures which should be discarded?
___ Are the bulletin boards current?
___ Do you have adequate lighting in hallways, classrooms, and the worship center?
___ Are the rooms for infants and toddlers both attractive and clean?
___ Are large print bulletins available?
___ Do you have greeters positioned at the entrances to the church?
___ Are members of your church prepared to extend brunch or dinner invitations to your guests?

There are 9 pages of questions like this free 14 page download report.

Download Your Free Church Hospitality 2.0 Audit here

If you have found this tool helpful, I’d appreciate hearing about.

Would you write me an email and tell me what results came out of your audit?

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  1. says

    This list is reasonably comprehensive.

    On closer inspection, I would rewrite several of the questions. Some need a preamble; e.g. “Drive past your church and look at the signage. Can the name be read at traffic speed?” Several should be rephrased so that a yes answer means no action needed. Furthermore I would reformat this into a table with a column to list work needed.

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