Quick Survey to Evaluate Your Church Guest Services

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On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being “This needs definite work”… 5 being “We rock at this”) rate your churches greeting and guest services practices:

  • Our traffic volunteers or shuttle drivers have been coached to know that they are the first representatives of our church and as such should be warm and friendly to everyone.
  • The walk into the church is welcoming and cheerful. People know they are in the right place for a Sunday service.
  • Our traffic flow is well-designed and easy which makes visitors feel comfortable, not lost.
  • There are people whose only job on Sunday’s is to assist newcomers in finding their way around the church.
  • Before a service even begins, our first-time guests have been acknowledged or welcomed in some way.
  • We make welcoming visitors a priority at every service.
  • We send our visitors home with a tangible reminder of their time with us.
  • Our volunteers are trained to go above and beyond in the areas of friendliness and helpfulness.
  • Our church culture reminds every member that they have a part to play in welcoming new comers.
  • Our senior leadership is empowered to make a personal contact with visitors at every service.

A score of 10-19: Red Alert! You need to make guest services a priority by developing a hospitality team, creating a plan to implement new procedures, and develop a new culture of friendliness.

A score of 20-39: Code Orange! You have some aspects of Guest Services covered; but there are areas that need work. It’s tempting to say, We are doing “good enough.” But in reality you are only about half-way to leaving a terrific first impression on guests.

A score of 40-50: Gold Ribbon! You are doing a stellar job of making visitors feel welcome. There may be one or two tweaks you can make that will take your church over the top in creating a WOW experience for your first-time visitors.

Based on your results, you may need to work a little harder on making a good first impression!

Mark Waltz’s handbook on the subject can take your church from fair to fabulous, and ensure that first-time visitors feel welcome, valued, and eager to return.

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