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LifeWay Research did a study¬†and¬†asked how many times they have personally, “invited an unchurched person to attend a church service or some other program at your church?”

  • 48% of church attendees responded, “zero.”
  • 33% percent of people say they’ve personally invited someone one or two times.
  • 19% say they’ve done so on three or more occasions in the last six months.

Even if personal invitations are the most effective form of increasing visitor traffic to your church, nearly half the people surveyed have not invited an unchurched person to church.

Prayer for the unchurched people in your circles of influence is a vital part of sharing your faith

The same study revealed

  • 21% of churchgoers say that outside of church worship services they pray every day for people they know who are not professing Christians.
  • 26% say they pray a few times a week.
  • 20% say they rarely or never pray for the spiritual status of others.

According to Ed Stetzer, president of Lifeway Research,

praying more frequently for the status of people who are not professing Christians is the best indicator of more spiritual maturity in the entire Sharing Christ factor.

If you are going to be intentional about sharing your faith, praying for others is a great way to start. We often acknowledge the importance of prayer in people coming to faith in Christ, but we also found it has an impact on the person praying,” he said.

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  1. Pasor Edwin muganyizi says

    Dear partner i greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our lord ,am pastor Edwin muganyizi in Uganda East Africa ,i send this massage to you, about for prayer ,to our church ,in Uganda ,i need the land, where we can building the church ,school for the children ,homes ,Bible school , and etc.we need God to open for us the door,to get money,$ 300, that we need your prayer.and our area we are located the are many Muslim,we need the crusade and conference ,to teach people to know Jesus Christ. so that i need the man of God & woman of God who can visit us , then we can organize together the crusade & conference, for this holiday.
    thank you. 25 kawempe Uganda.
    pastor Edwin muganyizi

  2. Edwin muganyizi says

    Dear beloved, of God, Evangelist chris, thank you so much for the vision,that God given you, to teach people, to know about church Invitation and church GROTH,

  3. says

    Do you know the results of invitations.
    Such as, for every 100 unchurched invited, X respond and visit, and X become regular attenders?
    Working on project for our church.

  4. says


    That set of steps falls apart because of so many factors – most of the them human. There is no way to predict the results based on number of invitations, the factors vary so much.

    What is known is that personal invitations in the best to get people:

    And there are many other factors that will influence a decision to return.

    Influences like programming, congregational health, friendliness, facilities, all play a role in a visitor’s evaluation.

    But the direct 100 invites => x attenders is not possible. It depends on how well your congregation gets people to come back and how well your congregation can integrate newcomers.

    It also depends on the Holy Spirit working to bring spiritual growth to such person.

    What is known that if you can get people to make a third visit, and help them develop meaningful friendships within the 1st six months, they will likely become active members.

    I’d say your goal is to focus on how to improve your visitor return rate.


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